The Three Panels of Research Links

Regular use of the three customized links panels is recommended for all serious researchers and learners. Links in all three panels are usually updated each week or more frequently. The newest links appear at the top of each panel. If you find any dead links, want to submit a link for inclusion on a panel, or need link recommendations for a course syllabus, please email me by clicking here.

To see the helpful directory page which shows the main headings in all three panels, click here.

PANEL 1 - BASIC NEWS AND RESEARCH LINKS. This panel consists of two broad clusters of links. The first set should help you find current news easily and begin investigative and research projects on almost any subject. These links expose you to all the different types of resources available on the Internet and teach you how to use them. The links help in choosing a topic, gathering and evaluating evidence from primary and secondary sources, using sound methodology, learning languages and doing field work.

A set of subject-specific links comprises the second part of this panel. Links under each sub-title in this part typically have one or more links covering the subject on a worldwide basis. This is intended to provide greater breadth and depth on the subject chosen. Try to explore each site thoroughly. Not doing so is a frequent mistake in use of Internet resources.

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PANEL 2 - INDONESIA LINKS. Keeping up-to-date with events and conducting sound research on Indonesia often requires considerable use of Indonesian-language sites, especially for regions outside Jakarta. After all, Jakarta is just another Indonesian region, albeit a hegemonic one. This panel tries to help you compensate for the Jakarta-centric information which dominates the Internet by making available many regional newspapers, magazines, e-news portals, and specialized background sources. The other topical headings in Panel 2 mirror exactly those in Panel 1 but contain only sites with heavy Indonesian content.

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PANEL 3 - SOUTHEAST ASIA, ISLAMIC WORLD, AND AMERICAN SOCIETY LINKS. To enhance your sense of what is possible and desirable, it is often useful to compare countries and regions. This panel makes your job easier by including very extensive links on Southeast Asia, almost all the Islamic world, and American society. Links to media, portal and unique-content sites are emphasized.

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