General News Sources

Google's Headline News (daily news from the top search engine, use side panels, for custom results sort by date after using search box, highly recommended)
Topix (popular vast easy-to-use news site)
Fagan Finder (search news aggregator sites of your choice)
Gary Price's Newscenter (incredible resource)
eLibrary (reasonably priced subscription service to large print media database)
AllTheWeb News (very flexible, constantly updated)
Altavista Headline News (news from a leading search engine but powered by Moreover feeds)
Agence France Presse (AFP Asia English feed to Yahoo Asia in Singapore, includes archive at bottom of page)
AFX Press (business news wire)
Agriculture News (news sources and databases)
Anthropology in the News (multiple sources, worldwide coverage)
Asia News Network (ANN, selected stories from participating established newspapers)
Asia-Pacific Newsfeeds (Moreover feeds to WWW VL project, English only)
Associated Press (international news wire, 'latest news' feed to Washington Post)
Associated Press Wire Homepage (click on the map to find your own favorite AP news feed)
Bloomberg (current world news, part of commercial service, limited free feed)
CrimeBlog (crime news)
Daily Rotation (aggregated tech news)
Daily Whirl (aggregated legal news)
DayPop (searches 5,500 sites for breaking news, use dropdown menu and 'advanced search')
Dow Jones (international news wire, limited free feed to Yahoo Australia, better to subscribe to WSJ online for all DJ stories)
Environment News Service (international orientation)
Environment News Network (mainly US focus)
FindArticles (doesn't have great breadth or depth but it is free)
Find News (type keyword, hit 'Get News')
FirstHeadlines (lots of news headlines in broad categories)
Global Security (world security issues)
Indymedia (controversial worldwide progressive news network)
Intellnet (worldwide intelligence news)
Journal Search (registration and one-time payment required)
Lycos News (one of many feeds, not so grand as Yahoo or AllTheWeb, but easy-to-use and always worth a try, use search box for best results)
MagPortal (searches magazines for news and other articles, fairly limited)
Maps in the News (University of Minnesota Map Library project)
Moreover (current news search, follow the instructions on site)
News for the Soul (what's right with the world)
News Is Free (novel current news site, free and fee)
Newsblaster (artificial intelligence applied to gathering of news from the Internet, better-executed by Google)
NewsIsFree (search selected news sources and weblogs)
NewsTrove (extraordinary news site, many predefined searches)
NorthernLight (current news search, now much restricted)
Pandia Newsfinder (easy-to-use Web news guide)
Planet Ark (world environment news from Reuters)
Political Information (great politics search engine)
Political Wire (political news blog)
Political Web (tracked US campaigns in 2002 electoral season)
Profusion (current news, go to 'News')
Researchville (vast news directory, navigate with left panel)
Reuters (main free access newspage)
Reuters AlertNet (online newsbrief project, use search box)
Reuters Newsfeed (international news wire, New York Times' feed)
RocketNews (finds news on any subject, customizable range of 0 to 5 days old)
Scripps Howard News Service (current world news, direct access to multiple feeds)
Snewp (searches many online news sources) (news about students)
Terrorism News (courtesy of Terrorism Research Center)
United Press International (UPI public feed)
UN Wire (independent UN news wire)
World Headlines Today (current news from various sources, customizable by country)
World News Network (ambitious site, links to major online news sites in many categories)
Worldwide Faith News (selected religious news, multilingual)
Yahoo Full Coverage (vast worldwide current news directory, current only in some news categories)
Yahoo Headlines (main Yahoo news gateway)

Search Engines and Directories

Traffick (extensive guide to search engines, directories, portals and browsers, includes timely articles)
Internet Search Engine Database (nice site, helps in keeping up with world of search engines)
NoodleTools (automated guide to best net search strategies,also see 'free trial')
SearchEngineGuide (allows access to 3,689 different search engines, includes searching news)
Fossick (links to over 3,000 subject-specific search engines, incredibly convenient)
Mother-of-All-Search-Engines (encyclopedia of search engines)
SearchEngineColossus (world's search engines arranged by country)
All Search Engines (selection of available foreign-language search engines, may require downloading of relevant fonts)
Netmasters (European search engines, directories and lists, quite powerful)
Search-22 (combines multiple search engines and references in simple interface, does not work with all browsers)
Azoos (search engine-cum-directory which tries to 'keep it simple')
Google (best Web search engine, also includes images, Usenet, and directory tabs, new features often added)
Google Help Central (one-page guide to using Google's features)
Google Services and Tools (another one-page guide to Google's growing list of goodies)
Google Viewer (searching the Web as a continuous scrolling slide show, neat with broadband connection)
Google Sets (searching the Web when you only have a glimmer of what you want to find, lets Google databases do your thinking)
Google Toolbar (quick, safe download gives easy access to many unique Google features and enables more intelligent use, works with Microsoft Internet Explorer)
Google's Advanced Operators (all the search secrets Google wants you to know)
Google Keyboard Shortcuts (navigate search results without using your mouse)
Google Search Uncle Sam (Google tool which searches US government Web sites at national, state, and local levels)
Google Zeitgeist 2002 (Google exposes what people search for on the Web)
Froogle (Google's new search tool for finding products sold online)
Google's Online Catalogs (shopping around for anything)
Alexa Web Search (powered by Google, search results integrated with, Wayback Machine and Alexa Toolbar user traffic ratings, not definitive but very useful)
Google's Reference Collection (encyclopedias and so much more)
OneLook (looks up words in many online dictionaries all at once)
Google Glossary (Google gathers definitions from the Web)
Britannica (old venerable, basic info on many things, but really useful only if you subscribe) (neat, simple encyclopedia powered by eLibrary)
Xrefer (searches 50 reference databases at once)
AltaVista (major competitor of Google, includes search assistance and Babelfish Web page translator)
AllTheWeb (another innovative major competitor, searches for news, images, video, MP3 and ftp files in numerous languages, consider using 'Customize' option, try 'Advanced Search')
WiseNut (searches like Google, ranks results by keyword appearance in links, 'set preference' option)
Metor (metasearch engine, very easy-to-use, try 'specific search,' includes 'news' and 'newspapers')
qbSearch (another fascinating meta-search engine, a logical start page for researchers needing difficult-to-find materials)
Teoma (search engine, groups results in 3 alternative ways at once)
Gigablast (new search engine, beta, very fast, yields relevant results)
Look (separate search engines for commercial and non-commercial Web sites in main keyword box)
OpenFind (promising new search engine, beta version)
Web Search (great site, searches 6 multi-category engines at once) (great site, searches 12 multi-category engines at once)
SingingFish (pioneer site, search Web for multimedia content, try typing 'indonesia,' mainly uses RealPlayer, use 'tools' to download all needed players)
SpeechBot (pioneer site, searches 6,500 hours of radio show transcripts, full audio, preview function)
ixquick (metasearch of 14 search engines at once, ranks results by 'relevance')
Ask Jeeves (quirky Web search, news, and shopping site, very popular)
QueryServer (metasearch of 10 search engines at once, arranges results in 'clusters,' choice of search pages, requires javascript)
Wayback Machine (Web archive search engine, type in the URL)
All Conferences (search for conferences of all types worldwide)
Digital Asia (impressive and easy-to-use specialized search site by three US university libraries)
Librarians' Index to the Internet (excellent general net research guide, advanced search engine, offers weekly email newsletter)
Digital Librarian (excellent librarians' guide to research on everything)
AcademicInfo (quality educational resources selected by an academic)
AltaVista Education Search (finds edu domain sites, just type your searchword)
WebBound (large commercial Web directory, also available as a print periodical)
Almanac of Policy Issues (simply categorized links directory, mainly for researchers)
SearchMil (searches for links in mil domain)
Med411 (specialized search engine, finds medical sites)
Geoexplorer (one-stop guide to geography on the Web)
Hot Topics (citations, abstracts and links, focuses on biomedical, environmental and social sciences)
Internet Public Library (favorite of many, but lots of clicks)
WWW Virtual Library (hardly exhaustive, but turns up relevant links)
Yahoo Internet Directory (oldest proprietary Web directory, hand-crafted)
Siam-Search (vast worldwide Web directory and search engine)
Open Directory (widely respected Web directory)
Insider (very well-edited directory, includes search engine)
EduSeek (nice, simple Web directory with search engine, hit 'Subjects' to experience the convenience)
Get Favourites (easy-to-use selective British Web directory)
Yakeo (search engines and directories by country)
Asia Observer (All-Asia Web directory, news focus)

Personal and Group Homepages

Geocities (Yahoo's homepage builder, includes search box for current homepages on system)
Tripod (one of many mostly free places to put your homepage)
Angelfire (another crazy place to put your homepage)
Homestead (not a free host for your homepage but offers intuitive SiteBuilder software)
Namezero (how to get your own domain on the net)
Cheap Domain Registration (inexpensive service)
RegSelect (unbiased guide to domain registration)
Search Tools (put a search tool on your Web site)

Discussion Groups, Chat, Conferencing and Blogs

Yahoo Groups (largest list site, formerly egroups)
Topica (major list site)
CataList (L-Soft's catalog of listserv lists)
Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences (discussion lists mainly of interest to researchers)
Usenet (Google's easy-to-use and search near comprehensive collection of Usenet newsgroups, includes current postings)
Electronic Journal Miner (very wide subject coverage, but you do have to dig)
BoardReader (searches 732,456 online forums and message boards, requires javascript)
ChatMag (chat -- how to do it)
ICQ (most international of online chat systems)
Ultimate Chatlist (a big bunch of places to chat)
Trillian (free downloadable program lets yoo communicate with almost every instant-messaging program)
Paralink (lets you translate messages to and from a variety of languages)
Unofficial Smiley Dictionary (brighten up your email and chat)
Internet Conferencing (videoconferencing)
Blogger (if you prefer monologues, start your own Weblog)
Eatonweb Portal (orderly blog directory)
Bloghop ('your friendly neighborhood' blog portal, over 9,000 blogs)
Complete Guide to Web Logs (explore forever)
BlogBib Carl 2002 (comprehensive blog on blogs)
Portals, Blogs and RSS (get up to speed, designed for librarians but useful for all)
Blogdex (quirky MIT Meida Lab blog)
Google Weblog (Aaron Swartz's unofficial Google blog, a must-read)
Shifted Librarian (blog by tech-savvy librarian)
Possible Resources (blog by librarians who recommend Web sites)
Talking Points Memo (a learned politics blog)
Radio Weblogs (superblogs)


Invisible-Web (exceptionally valuable site by information professionals Chris Sherman and Gary Price, buy their book)
Invisible Web Catalog (over 10,000 databases and searchable sources)
Gary Price's Direct Search (classic invisible Web site, check out all 'Separate Pages')
Gary Price's News and Information via Streaming Audio & Video (new project)
Gary Price's Speech and Transcript Center (revival of elapsed project) (revival of elapsed project)
Gary Price's Lists (tops of this, tops of that)
Complete Planet (highly ambitious effort to map the invisible Web)
BUBL (colossal research site, covers all academic subject areas)
WorldConnect (free worldwide genealogy database, combines and Rootsweb)
Ancestry (venerable family history site)
RootsWeb (oldest free net genealogy site)
WorldGenWeb (vast worldwide genealogy project, includes search assistance)
USGenWeb (pages for each country and state in US)
Cyndi's List (card catalog for genealogy research)
CensusFinder (directory of free census records)
All Surnames (links to 1900 surname sites on Web)
ProGenealogists (links to ancestry databases, focused on US)
SearchSystems (over 5,500 free public record sources from US and abroad)
DismalScientist (world economy research site, free and fee, databases)
Cutting Edge Science and Technology Resources (diverse sites for exploration)
Asia and the Pacific in Figures (valuable UN demographic database)
InfoPlease (almanac-style research, very handy, databases)
Alternatime (time-line style research, unbelievable site by George Emery)
Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century (glorious site, atlas-type research)
Statistical Resources on the Web (whopping selection)
Documents Center (central reference and referral center for government info worldwide, databases)
US Historical Census Browser (US census data from 1790 to 1960, databases)
Columbia International Affairs Online (excellent specialized database, high fees)
Oxford Collection Online (new fee service for Oxfordcore collection of reference books)
NTIS (endless US government databases and books, high fees, some free links more easily accessed directly)
OCLC (endless databases, high fees)
ISI (endless databases, high fees)
DialogClassic (endless databases, high fees)
LexisNexis (endless databases, high fees)
LexisOne (a selection of _free_ Lexis products)
Gale (major online content provider, high fees)
jSTOR (puts journals online for publishers' subscribers)
Catchword (puts journals online for publishers' subscribers)
Ingenta (puts journals online for publishers' subscribers, useful free search facility)
Ebsco (subscription agent plus)
SwetsBlackwell (subscription agent plus)
Taylor and Francis (subscription agent plus)
Elsevier (subscription agent)
Scirus (science information, fee for journals, free for Web)
Sage (journal and book publisher, basic info on each product)
Developing Nations Initiative (journals at no or low cost for libraries in poor countries)

Libraries, Dissertations, Books, Book Reviews, Bookstores and Thrifty Shopping

LibrarySpot (library for everyone, right at your fingertips)
Association of Research Libaries (major professional association, links to members and publications)
Special Libraries Association (major professional association, mainly for members but have a look around)
American Library Association (major professional association, mainly for members but lots of wonderful free links such as 'ALA's Library')
LibWeb (online libraries throughout the world)
LibDex (online libraries throughout the world)
Gabriel (gateway to Europe's national libraries)
Most Frequently Asked Reference Questions (no longer a need to ask)
Library of Congress (vast resources)
Services for Researchers at the Library of Congress (especially valuable for on-site researchers)
University of Michigan Library (what a very modern hi-tech state university library looks like nowadays, instructive and sobering)
Multnomah County Library (what a truly dedicated county library can look like online, try your own public library for free access to licensed online databases)
UMI Dissertation Services (online purchase possible)
BookWeb (formal site of American Booksellers association)
Annual Reviews (well-known series of academic volumes, hard and soft sciences, free article abstracts)
National Academy Press (over 2,000 books online, free)
Booklist Center (vast site, collections of booklists on many subjects)
Recommended Reading Lists (clearinghouse for libraries' recommendations, covers almost everything, explore site)
Bookwire (book industry site, links to selected book review journals)
Book Reviews on the Web (large academic directory site)
Book Reviews (non-academic directory site)
Abebooks (access shelves of 9,000 independent booksellers around the world, wonderful site)
AddALL (maybe best book search and price comparison site on the net, worldwide and multilingual coverage)
FetchBook (scans 62 bookstores for best prices on new and used books)
Chambal (compare prices at major online booksellers)
Amazon (books)
Borders (books)
Blackwell's (books)
Bibliofind (discount books)
Alibris (discount books)
Booksamillion (discount books)
BookSense (independent bookstores site sponsored by American Booksellers Association)
Buy (internet superstore, hit 'books' or 'book sales')
ConsumerSearch (merchandise reviews)
MySimon (multi-product price comparisons)
eBay (auctions, buyer beware)
Swap and Save (barter)
CoolSavings (coupons)
Half (discount everything)
Consumer World (all about fraud)
Consumer Reports (all about quality -- if you subscribe)
Overstock (discounted, returned or excess inventory merchandise)

Learning the Internet and Information Science

Opera (download world's best Web browser here, trash your Microsoft and Netscape products)
Learn the Net (major site)
John December's Internet and Web Course (lively, entertaining, current, comprehensive -- learn as little or as much as you like, explore all links)
Webopedia (online tech encyclopedia)
What Is (tech definitions and 'fast references')
Find Tutorials (covers many info tech subjects)
Windweaver (getting more savvy about directories and search engines)
SearchEngineWatch (offers free daily newsletter by Chris Sherman)
ResearchBuzz (sensational site, covers world of Internet research, offers weekly newsletter)
Scout Report (announces new high quality Web sites, offers weekly newsletter, archives)
Internet Resources Newsletter (specializes in new sources of info on Internet, especially for academic users, offers email newsletter)
NextNew (Marylaine Block's weekly pick of new sites, includes 6 months of archives, invaluable site)
Free Pint (business information science site, offers free email newsletter on Internet searching and Web site reviews)
Stephen Bell's Keeping Up Web Page (visit this great site before it goes commercial)
E-Newsletters (sign up for opt-in email newsletters used by info and computing professionals)
Searcher (leading magazine for database professionals and all serious net researchers)
Information Today (portal, links to leading information science magazines, offers free monthly newsletter)
Documentation of Internet Filtering Worldwide (academic site)
Information Literacy (unique guide by University of Skovde Library)
Portal Webliography (certainly an incredible field)
Internet E-Mail List (numerous kinds of free email services, including POP3 accounts, Web email, email forwarding, and email program downloads))
EmailAddresses (catalog of all kinds of tools to help you explore and exploit the Internet)
Web Publishing Curriculum Resources (lot of tools to help you publish on the Web)
Web Tools (Web site design tools and how to use them)
ZDNet (leading computing news and software downloads site)
CNet (large computing and downloads site)
ProgramFiles (over 15,000 downloadable programs, freeware and shareware)
Pretty Good Privacy (download this well-known encryption software here)
Bookmarklets (curious little tools to enhance your Websurfing)
ReadPlease (if you want your email to talk to you) (software to help users from being tracked by Web sites and hackers)
Electronic Privacy Information Center (resources on how to protect yourself against darker side of cyberspace)
Network Tools (convenient real-time site for problem-solving tools like ping, nslookup, traceroute and others)
Symantec Security Updates (Norton virus definitions)
Virus Information Library (McAfee virus info)
Computer Security Institute (fights cybercrime ansd cyberterror)
National Infrastructure Protection Center (official FBI site on cyberthreats)
CyberDefenders (know your adversary, news and prime links)
DSL Reports (about all kinds of broadband connections)
Institute for New Media Studies (University of Minnesota center for improving the Internet as source of information)
CyberAtlas (current net trends and stats, marketing orientation)
CyberSoc (social scientific study of the Internet)
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (invaluable resource)
First Monday (peer-reviewed online journal about the Internet)


General Politics and Government

Political Science Internet Guides (comprehensive directory of directories)
Political Resources on the Net (Worldwide politics directory, political parties and media)
World Statesmen (heads of state and government from 1700 till the present)
World Political Parties Directory (extremely useful)
World Royalty (directory, includes current news on living royals)
Constitutions, Treaties and Declarations (very large academic site)
Constitution Finder (large, easy-to-use site)

Foreign Affairs/International Relations

United Nations Homepage (vast resources)
United Nations Publications (extensive, current catalog and order site)
United Nations Cyberschoolbus (learning site for UN and all its member states)
UNESCO Knowledge Hub for Asia-Pacific (interface for many useful pre-defined searches relevant to UNESCO mission and using Google search engine)
World Foreign Affairs Ministries (links arranged alphabetically by country)
EmbassyWorld (directory of all world embassies, online and offline) (links to foreign embassies in Washington, DC)
US Department of State (official site, extensive resources)
US Embassies and Other Diplomatic Missions (official sites, extremely useful)
Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts (regular US government listing of officers in its embassies and consulates, updated periodically)
US Immigration and Naturalization Service (official site, extensive)
Council on Foreign Relations (influential US organization)
Institute for Policy Studies (progressive think-tank)
Center for Strategic and International Studies (DC foreign policy analysis institute, includes affiliated specialist biodata)
Royal Institute of International Affairs (independent UK research organization on international issues)
Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research (Swiss foreign affairs institute)
Japan Institute of International Affairs (parallel English and Japanese sites)
Geneva Centre for Security Policy (Swiss international foundation, check 'What's New')
Facts on International Relations and Security Trends (free access to many databases, sponsored by SIPRI and ISN)
European Union Institute for Security Studies (useful papers, English and French)
Foreign Policy in Focus (critical essays on foreign policy by think-tank)


Military Web Sites (very large site by Open Directory Project, arranged by subject)
Official World Military Sites (arranged by country)
World's Armed Forces (unofficial site directory, focus on US and major powers)
World Military History (far more diverse than name indicates)
Military Science (social science info gateway, very useful links)
Military Reading Lists (extensive links)
MilitaryInk (lists new and re-issued books on military each month)
DefenseLink (official site of US Department of Defense, vast resources, current news, plus valuable links to all DOD sites)
DefendAmerica (military news site)
World Military Expenditures (respected SIPRI database)
Annual Report on Military Expenditures (annual US government report)
NerdWideWeb Military and Defense Resources (large anti-military site directory)
Aviation Sites (large set of specialized links, military emphasis)
International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS, independent research center on problems of military conflict, free and fee content)
Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC, organization dedicated to transfer of military resources to civilian purposes)
Center for Defense Information (independent US think-tank on military issues)
Federation of American Scientists (major critical worldwide military and intelligence site)

War, Peace and Terrorism

International Court of Justice (permanent judicial organ of UN)
United Nations Peace Operations in 2001 (very extensive official UN Site)
Peace and Conflict Studies (peace studies Internet resources)
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (well-developed site)
Carnegie International Non-Proliferation Conference (covers 2002 and prior years)
Conciliation Resources (papers on troubled areas)
Institute for War and Peace Reporting (news and analysis from war zones)
Institute for International Mediation and Conflict (promotes peaceful conflict resolution techniques among future leaders)
Google's Terrorism Directory (extensive)
Terrorism Research Center (vast site)
Open Directory Terrorism Links (extensive)
Patterns of Global Terrorism (annual US government report, includes archives)
Terrorism: Questions and Answers (site by Council on Foreign Relations and Markle Foundation)
Terrorism and Security Collection (National Academy free reports site, searchable)
International Security (US government foreign policy issues site)
Anser Institute for Homeland Security (research institute, includes journal)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (government agency)
Chemical and Biological Warfare Nonproliferation Project (comprehensive)
Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute (site includes many current research reports)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (government agency)
US Department of Homeland Security (new official site)
Nuclear Threat Initiative (Sam Nunn-Ted Turner project, regularly updated)
International Atomic Energy Agency (official site)
Terrorist Attack on the United States (large compendium, current, very useful)
America's Crisis - Asian Perspective (basic resources on September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on U.S.)
After September 11: Perspectives from the Social Sciences (an SSRC collection)
Resource and Reference Sources - Events of September 11, 2001 (extraordinarily rich site by Gary Price)
US Legislation Related to the Attack of September 11, 2001 (full text)
Lists of Victims (major documentation effort by CNN, includes audio and video)
Alternative Sources about US 'War on Terrorism' (lots of links)


Asia Intelligence Service (subscriber site)
Strategic Intelligence (Loyola University guide to world of intelligence, very serious site, includes links to US intelligence community)
Virtual World of Intelligence (categorized guide to intelligence sites on the net, useful leads despite all the ads)
Central Intelligence Agency (official CIA site)
CIA World Factbook 2002 (annual public compilation)
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Ministers of Foreign Governments (periodic CIA publication)
Studies in Intelligence (CIA journal)
Association of Former Intelligence Officers (important, low-profile US organization)
Internet Intelligence Index (neat collections of links designed for competitive intelligence, focused on but not limited to business)
Economist Intelligence Unit (intelligence briefings)
Jane's (intelligence briefings)
Stratfor (intelligence briefings)
Business Monitor International (fee, large business research amd political risk site)
International Conference (international affairs news links by Oxford Analytica intelligence service)
Rand Corporation (US domestic and international policy think-tank, check 'newslink' and 'Rand Review)
Intelligence Online (pay site)
Clandestine Radio (raw intelligence)
Urban Legends Research Centre (cyber disinformation)
Snopes (rumor and urban legends site) (archives of alt.folklore.urban.newsgroup)
Museum of Hoaxes (includes gullibility test)
Purportal (links to net's leading debunking sites, includes search engine)
National Security Archive (independent source of declassified and FOIA documents, includes major Indonesia and terrorism modules)
Foreign Relations of the United States (monumental historical site, includes volumes of declassified materials, coverage of Indonesia 1965-1966)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (official FBI site)
Interpol (international police organization)
International Crime Statistics (worldwide coverage from Interpol, spans several years)
Congressional Research Service (1) (large collection of public CRS reports on foreign affairs)
Congressional Research Service (2) (most recent CRS reports)
Congressional Research Service (3) (222 older CRS reports available for downloading)
US General Accounting Office (searchable reports database)

Elections and Electoral Institutions

Google's Campaigns and Elections Directory (a start)
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (worldwide coverage, databases and downloadable reports)
IFES - International Foundation for Election Systems (elections worldwide, use left panel)
National Democratic Institute (includes many papers on Indonesia, use 'Search')

Public Opinion

Yahoo Directory of Social Research (very helpful to those who want to explore net holdings on their own)
Opinion Sites (useful guide to worldwide survey research results available on the Web)
Internet Sites Related to Survey Research (another useful guide, a somewhat different selection of sites)
Duke University Guide to Public Opinion Sources(useful links to explore, free and fee, restricted access)
Communications Studies Research Links (a broader view of the field)
Library Guide to Public Opinion Resources (bibliography)
World Association for Public Opinion Research (major organization in the field)
American Association for Public Opinion Research (major organization in the field)
National Council on Public Polls (US poll industry watchdog group)
EuroBarometer (surveys in the European Union)
World Values Survey (massive international project)
Sociology Data (includes national and international public opinion research)
NORC (national polling research organization at University of Chicago)
Program on International Policy Attitudes (joint NGO-university surveys of Americans)
Public Agenda Online (major compendium of American public opinion together with policy analysis)
Kaiser Family Foundation American Survey Reports (full-text of over 200 public opinion polls in US on major social issues)
Pew Research Center (US current public opinion polls)
Pew Hispanic Center (public opinion surveys among US Hispanic population)
Marist College Institute for Public Opinion (concentrates on US and New York state polling)
Zogby International (focus on polls of American minority groups and international opinion, free and fee)
American Religion Data Archive (rich online source of survey data)
Roper Center (major US poll depository, fee access to online database, some free content in Center's magazine)
Gallup Organization (major firm, rich public site, includes free and fee content)
Gallup International (major firm, focuses on worldwide surveys, free and fee)
ESOMAR (global market research firm based in Netherlands)
Taylor Nelson Sofres (worldwide market research firm)
International Journal of Public Opinion Research (full text online)
Worldwide Listing Public Opinion/Survey Research Centers (useful but not comprehensive set of links, best on US)
Market Research (links to major international commercial services)

Law and Human Rights

FindLaw (leading worldwide legal portal)
LawRunner (legal research for Boolean searchers)
Pritchard Law Library (very large collection of key links)
Human Rights Education Associates (magnificent worldwide site, inclusive, well worth exploring)
Derechos (major worldwide directory of human rights sites)
Human Rights Treaties and Conventions (basic links)
Human Rights Treaty Body Database (UNHCR site, vast)
International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative (new Harvard conflict prevention project portal)
International Humanitarian Law (basic site by ICRC)
Rules of Warfare (basic links)
Bilateral Agreements on Extradition and Prisoners (UN site, basic info, pdf files)
Cultural Protection Treaties (basic links)
Treaties and International Agreements in Force (applies to US circa 2000. pdf files)
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (annual US government report, includes archives)
Human Rights Watch (worldwide human rights monitoring, New York headquarters)
Annual Human Rights Watch World Reports (worldwide human rights reports from 1989 to 2002)
Amnesty International (worldwide human rights monitoring, London headquarters)
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (long-active New York group)
International Human Rights Law Group (DC-based organization)
Human Rights Now (Michael Ratner and Center for Constitutional Rights)
The Carter Center (monitoring and advocacy organization founded by former US President Jimmy Carter)
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights (somewhat bolder than HRW or Carter Center)
Freedom House (publishes annual global survey of freedom)
Genocide Watch (extensive holdings)
Voices of the Holocaust (courtesy of The British Library)
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (major museum, major site)
International Criminal Court (new, official site)
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ongoing genocide trial)
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ongoing genocide trial, site survives but is undergoing major construction and may be temporarily unavailable)
Khmer Rouge Genocide Tribunal (a failed effort)
Armenian National Institute (documentation on the unprosecuted and denied Armenian genocide)
World Organization against Torture (NGO coalition)
Human Trafficking (official US State Department site, excellent links)
Trafficking in Persons Report (annual US State Department report, includes archives)
International Rescue Committee (major refugee relief organization)
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (annual US government report, includes archives)
Office for Drug Control and Crisis Prevention (ODCCP, Vienna-based UN agency, includes annual report in pdf format)
International Narcotics Control Board (quasi-judicial body for implementing UN narcotics conventions, includes annual reports)
International Crisis Group (current scholarly reports)

Non-Government Humanitarian and Development Organizations

Directory of Development Organizations (about 25,000 of them, pdf files for downloading)
OneWorld (vast directory of NGO resources)
IGC (NGO resources)
Eldis (major Web directory on development organizations and issues)
ReliefWeb (official humanitarian organizations and news)
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (major private network of humanitarian organizations)
CARE International (confederation of private international relief agencies)
Medecins sans Frontieres (humanitarian international medical aid organization)

Raising Funds and Financing Operations

Foundations On-Line (free foundations directories)
Foundation Center (lots of info, free and fee)
Foundation Center Online Librarian (answers to everything about non-profits)
Researching Philanthropy (free database, courtesy of Foundation Center)
NonProfit Gateway (US government funding sources)
GuideStar (US nonprofits directory and grantsfinder, free and fee)
Social Science Research Council (seeks to advance social science throughout the world)
Philanthropy News Network (use left panel)
Chronicle of Philanthropy (US philanthropy weekly, free and pay sections)
Helping (large, highly-regarded annotated charities directory)
Network for Good (large charities, volunteering and activist site)
Grantmakers without Borders (donate to charity)


Labour Directory (comprehensive links)
International Labour Organization (UN headquarters site, global perspective)

Economy, Business and Development

Economics Network (huge guide to net resources on economics)
WebEc (virtual economics library)
ECONLinks (thorough, easy-to-use)
ECONBase (economics journals, abstracts, and online papers)
Rutgers Business Research and Reference Gateway (vast compendium of business sites worldwide)
Wall Street Executive Library (compendium of sites recommended to keep businesses informed)
International Business Information Directory (all the links from the book of the same name, page may not last forever)
Business 2.0 (easy-to-use guide to business sites on the Web)
International Business Resource Connection (geared to small- and medium-size businesses)
Industry Data Finder (very large academic directory site)
Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices (annual US government, includes archives)
Economic Freedom of the World Report (annual report of Economic Freedom Network, mix of html and pdf formats)
2003 Index of Economic Freedom (annual Heritage Foundation assessment)
Global Corruption Report (annual Transparency International findings, includes Indonesia, pdf files)
Institute for International Economics (private research organization in DC on international economic policy)
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (US Treasury agency dealing with worldwide money-laundering)
World Bank Group (very extensive Indonesia holdings)
World Development Report 2002 (complete text in pdf files, courtesy of World Bank)
World Development Report 2003 (full text, pdf files)
International Monetary Fund (quite current Indonesia holdings)
Asian Development Bank (includes useful Indonesia holdings)
Bank Information Center (very valuable site, monitors MDBs, try Asia and Links)
Transparency International (major international anti-corruption NGO)
Researching WTO and GATT (your headquarters for study ing trade issues)
Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture (special hot issue site by FAO)
World Food Program (UN agency fightimg global war on hunger)
Development Gateway (UN population and reproductive health site)
UNDP - United Nations Development Programme (major progressive UN anti-poverty agency, use drop-down on upper right)
UNDP Human Development Report 2002 (full text)
UNDP Arab Human Development Report 2002 (full text)
Migration Information Source (large and growing site, worldwide scope)
Migrations Museums (offers selective links to world migration sites, multi-lingual)
USAID - United States Agency for International Development (major US foreign assistance agency, extensive activity in Indonesia, use left panel and search box)


Eco-Portal (huge environment site with search engine, links)
EarthTrends (environmental info portal by World Resources Institute, includes searchable databases and data tables)
Forestry Index (everything connected with forestry)
Rainforestweb (huge rainforest site with search engine, links)
Forest Conservation Portal (huge conservation site with search engine, links)
Forestry Country Profiles (specialized FAO site)
Climate Ark (huge climate change and renewable energy site with search engine, links)
Center for Climatic Research (large academic site)
Global Environmental Outlook (official UNEP report)
US Global Change Research Program (huge full-text database)
ToxNet (official US goverment site, databases on toxicology and hazardous chemicals)
Energy Citations Database (official US DOE site, pdf and zip downloads)
Biology Links (whopping directory)
Investigate Biodiversity (learning site by Conservation International)
Disaster News Network (all the latest calamities)
Pollution (current environmental news, worldwide coverage, includes choice links)
Greenpeace (well-known radical environmentalist organization)
Sierra Club (international environmentalist organization, focus on Canada and US)
TRAFFIC (wildlife trade monitoring program of Worldwide Fund for Nature)
Global Fire Monitoring Center (major site)
Indonesian Nature Conservation Database (almost everything, check out Links for even more)
Who's Who in Indonesian Environment (links to key government and NGO players in environment issues)

Mass Media and Journalism

World Association of Newspapers (rich site)
American Journalism Review Newslink (vast worldwide media directory)
Editor & Publisher (offers worldwide media directory)
PaperBoy (links to over 5,000 newspapers around the world)
MagazineBoy (links to over 1,700 magazines around the world)
Kidon Media-Link (vast worldwide media directory)
ABYZ News Links (vast worldwide media directory)
AllYouCanRead (vast worldwide media directory)
PubList (magazine, journal and newsletter database, useful for seeing what's out there on worldwide basis)
Online Journalism Review (unique e-zine)
Journalist Express (key sites for busy journalists, very handy)
Journalist's Toolbox (lots of tips on sites for working journalists and researchers)
Journalist's Toolbox: Public Records (links and strategies for locating online public records)
Arts & Letters Daily (venerable site used by many journalists and teachers)
Investigative Reporters and Editors (services for those in the field)
Newswise (special search tools for working reporters)
Freedom of Information Center (public service University of Missouri site)
FreedomIndo (information freedom and access issues in over 40 countries, full downloadable pdf reports)
JournalismNet (Canadian site for busy journalists)
CyberJournalist (combined blog and portal for serious cyberjournalists, try 'SuperSearch')
FACSnet (AP current event resource for journalists, free registration)
MediaChannel (worldwide media monitors)
Poynter (news about the news, includes great links to related sites)
SpinSanity (blog analyzing current news reporting)
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (critiques of news on other sites)
TomPaine (an alternative media blog)
Digital Journalist (photojournalism magazine) Photoessays (a current collection)
Journalism Resources (useful University of Iowa support site for academic journalism departments and professional journalists)
Society of Professional Journalists (learned society, includes press archive)
Society of Environmental Journalists (learned society, rich site, includes current news)
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (project of US-based Center for Public Integrity)
International Federation of Journalists (world body advocating rights of journalists)
International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX, useful alerts and very good links)
Article 19 (global free expression campaign)
Reporters sans Frontieres (international NGO defending press liberties, trilingual)
Committee to Protect Journalists (US NGO defending press freedom)
Index on Censorship (major free expression magazine)
Internews (supports open media in emerging democracies)
File Room (records of past censorship)
Writer's Market (annual book, part free, part fee)
Literary Market Place (links to US, Canadian and international publishers and agents, excellent resource, register as free user)
WritersWeekly (useful freelance writers e-zine)
SunOasis (jobs for writers, editors and copywriters)
MediaBistro (jobs, leads and advice for media pros)
Writing for Dollars (books and markets for writers)
Freelance Writers (inside scoops on freelancing)
JournalismJobs (very large professional job site)
BookZone (all about book publishing)
Writers Write (features Internet Publishing Journal)
E-Zinez (resources for publishing e-zines)
Writers Exchange (especially useful for its links to writing resources on the net)
Funds for Writers (contests, markets, getting paid)
Writer's Digest (magazine)
Writer's Weekly (e-zine)
The Write Market (links to sites useful for writers)
Rejection Collection (for all writers)
National Writers Union (trade news, views and advocacy)
Live Radio (worldwide directory of radio stations online, explains software required)
Web Radio (worldwide directory of radio stations online)
RadioTower (another directory, use dropdown menus, won't work with all browsers)
TV Show (worldwide directory of television stations online)
Web TV List (TV stations by category, player download sites included)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (thoroughly explore left panel)
ABC's 'Asia-Pacific' (Radio Australia's popular daily news program)
ABC's Go AsiaPacific (regional news gateway)
BBC (BBC's new portal to all its media offerings, including TV, radio and numerous auxiliary services)
BBC World News (vast site, includes audio/video)
BBC's 'East Asia Today' (BBC's popular daily news program)
CBC (Canadian alternative to 'the big boys')
VOA (new, improved site)
VOA Pronunciation Guide (helpful aide in an every more inter-connected world, uses Real Player)
Radio Free Asia (funded by US Congress as non-profit broadcaster to unfree Asian nations)
Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty (extremely useful site, very current, audio in many languages)
Radio Nederland (multilingual, see language choices in upper right corner, daily in-depth Indonesia reports)
AMIC (Asian mass media research center, online bibliohgraphic database)
Southeast Asia Serials Index (incredibly rich Australian National University database)
Southeast Asia Media (new, developing site mainly designed to enable and sustain better journalistic coverage of the region)

World Religions

World Religious Studies Web Guide (comprehensive, academic orientation)
Religious Resources on the Web (very large academic site)
Virtual Religion Index (very large academic site)
Internet Resources in Religion and Society (very nice personal academic site)
World Religion Resources (selected links)
American Academy of Religion (AAR, leading US learned society on religion, links to related groups)
History of Religions (scholarly journal, University of Chicago Press, table of contents)
Religious Movements (major academic site)
Adherents (database on numbers and locations of religious adherents worldwide)
Catholic News Service (current 'newsbriefs,' use 'links' for additional Catholic news sites)
Jewish Telegraphic Agency (current worldwide news focused on Jewish people)
Religion News Service (headlines only, full text by subscription)
BeliefNet (world religions site, tries to promote understanding, aimed at believers)
Sacred Text Archive (comprehensive, covers all major religions)
International Religious Freedom Reports (annual US government report, includes archives)
AAR Study of Islam Section (very useful links, extensive current events pages)
Islamic Gateway (massive Web directory on Islam)
IslamiCity (very popular site on Islam)
Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic and Religion (academic site on Islam)
Islamic Law Infobase (basic, in process)
Islamic Laws (large site by Muslim scholar)
A True Word (contentious essays by Muslim writers living in Western world)
Faith Freedom International (contentious site ostensibly created by 'liberal Muslims and secular humanists')
Christian Religious Resources on the Internet (Christian sites directory, Protestant focus)
Catholic Library (Catholic Web site directory) (Biblical studies, includes hymns and other special features)
Unbound Bible (Biblical studies, includes searchable/downloadable Indonesian-language Bibles)
Pluralism Project (Harvard guide to American religious landscape)
Christian Aid (UK) (missions policy and monitoring group, check 'news' and 'indepth')
Christian Aid (US) (missions policy and monitoring group)
Jewish History Resource Center (over 6,000 links)
Jewish Studies (large academic directory)
Hinduism (academic site)
BuddhaNet (Buddhism throughout the World)
Resources for the Study of Buddhism very useful academic site by Ron Epstein)
Buddhist Studies Virtual Library (massive academic portal)
VajraGuru (new Buddhism portal, interesting links)

Women and Children

WWWomen (directory of online women's resources)
Femina (search database of sites about women)
Feminist Theory Website (large compendium, includes material on Indonesia and East Timor)
Women and the Law (compendium, worldwide coverage)
UNIFEM (UN agency, major focus on women's rights)
Global List of Women's Organizations (includes contact info for some Indonesian groups)
Coalition against Trafficking in Women (human rights organization)
Save the Children (major international charity, site includes annual reports on world's mothers)
UNICEF (UN agency, includes annual report on world's children)
Internet Resources for Children (courtesy of ERIC)
Child Trends Databank (one-stop shop)
Asian Women's Groups and Organizations (arranged by country, quite a list)
Women Living under Muslim Laws (very extensive, searchable one-of-a-kind site)

Minority Groups

Minority Rights Group (comparative focus on ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities, use 'Links')
Cultural Survival (supports indigenous peoples' struggles)
Survival International (supports tribal people worldwide)
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (diverse association of neglected minority movements, violent and non-violent)
Ethnologue Country Index (world's language groups, select by country)
Indigenous Organizations and Research Centers (useful links, plus a Southwest Maluku site in left panel)
Google's Indigenous Peoples Links (very extensive)
Gay and Lesbian Studies (large academic site)
Internet Guide for China Studies (scholarly, covers world's major Chinese concentrations)
Huayinet (Chinese overseas databank)
Dr. You-Bao Shao Center (major academic unit for comparative Overseas Chinese studies)
Huaren (Chinese in the diaspora)
World Chinese Business Network (vast, searchable)


EDinformatics (everything about education everywhere, search engine and directory)
Education Index (directory of prime educational sites on net, click on 'Subject')
USAID Global Education Database (worldwide stats)
ERIC Digests Index Page (searchable education research database)
U.S. News College Rankings (annual ranking of US colleges and universities)
U.S. News Graduate School Rankings (annual report)
Study Abroad (get educated anywhere)
Universities Worldwide (links to universities worldwide with their own Web sites)
Australian Graduate (everything you need to know about studying in Australia)
Fathom (paid distance learning courses on many subjects from diverse higher education consortium, soon going out of business)
Homeschooling Resources (get educated right where you are)
Education World (dedicated to teachers)
Lesson Plans Library (specifically for teachers)


World Literature (amazing directory by Google)
Bartleby (world literature online, very easy-to-use, great verse and quotation links)
LitLinks (when you want to know after reading a great work)
Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature (nice collection)
Quoteland (world quotations site)
EveryPoet (large collection, see also link to 'All-Poetry Encyclopedia')
International Library of Poetry (over 3 million poets, includes some translations of Indonesian works)
Worldwide Humor (endless laughter)
Modern Literature of Southeast Asia (academic site)

Music and Art

Humbul Humanities Hub (vast UK academic site)
International Directory of Performing Arts (worldwide scope. key site)
ClassicOL (vast classical music directory, worldwide scope, includes radio station links) (bios of classical composers)
Folk Music Homepage (nice link collection)
AllSongsConsidered (NPR music archive)
Yahoo Launchcast (broad selection of net radio music, but finicky Yahoo must recognize your player)
Kazaa (busy Napster-like music file sharing site)
Sheet Music Collections (what surprises the net holds)
Art History Resources on the Net (one of those grand sites)
Timeline of Art History (courtesy of Metropolian Museum of Art)
Art Atlas (vast directory)
ArtAtlas (databases of 5,000 international art galleries)
World Art Treasures (arts search engine)
Art Libraries (searchable directory)
Art Renewal Center (largest online museum)
AskArt (directory of American artists)
Photographic Libraries (large directory of visuals available on the net)
Photography Collections Online (courtesy of George Eastman House)
Perseus Digital Library (large Tufts University collection)
Photo District (news from photography world)
Life Magazine Online (photo archive)
National Geographic Society Images (photo archive)
Asian Historical Architecture (academic site, 1000s of photographs from 17 countries)

History and Biography

Best of History Web Sites (portal)
HyperHistory (searches 3,000 years of world history, database)
History Guide (subject gateway to scholarly sites in field of history)
World History Archives (articles by region, extremely useful)
Exploring Ancient World Cultures (history of eight world civilizations)
Historical Text Archive (splendid site, searchable by region)
Historical Voices (collection of oral history galleries on the net)
20th Century Year by Year (major timeline and event site by folks at InfoPlease)
Museum Stuff (art, history and science museums)
Lives (huge collection of biographical databases)
Who2 (short bios of 'famous people' and links to web sites about them) (database of 25,000 famous people from producers of TV show 'Biography')
World Biographical Index (millions of short bios of 'eminent individuals')
Distinguished Women (large personal project)
Scientific Biography (biodata of scientists)
Dead People Server (database of celebrities who may no longer be with us)
Marquis Who's Who (pay site)
UNESCO's 'Window to Culture' Links (exceptionally wide coverage)

Daily Living

DHL (reliable worldwide courier service, including Indonesia)
Postal Rates (everything postal, worldwide scope)
Cookin' with Google (recipes to survive with anything on hand, type available ingredients, as 'salt, fish, curry')
So You Wanna (teaches basic life skills)

Getting Work

Online Business Networking (very useful networking site reviews portal)
CraigsList (networking and jobs, just keeps getting bigger)
Friendster (networking on anything)
MeetUp (in-person networking, multi-purpose)
Headhunter (US and international jobs)
HigherEdJobs (prime source for academic jobs in US and Canada)
Academic360 (current jobs in employment bulletins and on institution Web sites)
Riley Guide (jobs plus career guidance)
Job-Hunt (huge job site portal)
IGC Job/Volunteer Links (neat progressive portal)
Idealist (worthwhile jobs worldwide)
Net-Temps (contract, temporary and full-time jobs in US)
VolunteerMatch (big selection)
USAJobs (official site for all US government jobs)
Monster (perhaps too big)
Yahoo! Hot Jobs (different from the rest)
America's Job Bank (lots of jobs)
Jammin Jobs (covers the world, be creative in search terms)
Asian-Nation Job Board (especially relevant to Asian Americans)
FreeAgent (set up your own shop)
Google's Employment Sites Guide (vast listings, all kinds of jobs in so many places)

Staying Healthy

World Health Organization (UN agency, very valuable current resources, includes annual world reports from 1995 to 2001)
Global Health (US HHS site addressing link between domestic and international health issues)
Megasite (vast, compares health info megasites and search engines)
Free Medical Journals (the latest research, mainly for professionals)
Merck Manual (classic medical reference book, text and interactive editions)
MEDLINEplus (prime US government health portal)
WebMD (one of most popular and respected online health sites)
Healthfinder (prime site from US government)
Health Library (have a problem, check it here, for lay people)
SupportPath (directory of very large number of online discussion groups on health problems)
DrugDigest (all about prescription and non-prescription medications)
Medline Drug Information (an encyclopedic approach)
Nutrition Source (Harvard School of Public Health Project)
Women's Health (large University of Wisconsin project)
FitDay (staying healthy)

Moving Around

Geographic (info on places to travel)
U.S. and International Airports (very handy)
WorldClock (times throughout the world)
Telephone Directories on the Web (as comprehensive as it gets)
Phone Numbers (attempts to cover world, very selective)
Orbitz (travel package price comparisons)
Priceline (travel package price comparisons)
Overseas Security Advisory Council (consult before making overseas trip)
Travelers' Health (consult before making overseas trip)


Map Librarian's Toolbox (a terrific orientation site to world of maps)
World Atlas (outstanding site)
Map Collections 1500-1999 (huge digitized collection held by Library of Congress)
Historical Maps Overview (maps arranged by historical period and place)
Perry-Castenada Library Map Collection (vast University of Texas collection)
World of Maps (maps and mapping portal)
Global Gazeteer (all the world's cities and towns, each linked to a map and search engines)
Omnimap Homepage (major commercial source of maps worldwide)
Altapedia (info to use with maps better obtained elsewhere)
Relief Web Map Centre (practical maps to help understand current world events)
MapTech (over 60,000 topical maps of US)
Maps of the Muslim World (near comprehensive, very useful links collection, print what you need)

Acquiring Language Skills

Endangered Language Repository (language preservation)
Heritage Languages in America (valuable academic site)
Teaching Indigenous Languages (very current)
Terralingua (promotes linguistic and biological diversity)
LangNet (varieties of languages, click on the map)
Linguist List (highly practical resource, a virtual library)
Summer Institute of Linguistics International (major linguistics site, includes Ethnologue language directory)
Language Tools (specialized sites to help you work with language on the Internet)
Xlation (resources for professional translators)
OneLook Dictionaries (worthy companion to Xlation)
Fonetiks (cool pronunciation aide to 7 dialects of English, Indonesian, and a few other languages)
Lexicool (a directory of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, includes Indonesian, a great site)
Online Directory of ESL Resources (links for learning English as a second language)
Internet TESL Journal (excellent ESL/EFL site)
Your Dictionary (major site for language learning, use 'More' in top panel)
Yahoo Directory of Dictionary Sites (all kinds of dictionaries, explore the categories)
TravLang (online translating dictionaries, word-oriented)
Translation Wizard (amazing tool, translates many languages from one to the other)
Multilingual E-Translation Portal (online translating dictionaries, word-oriented, click 'new dictionary')

Using Academic Resources and Finding Specialists

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (most comprehensive and most organized regional directory on the net)
IIAS - International Institute for Asian Studies (major Netherlands-based academic resource for Asian studies in Europe, use 'Sitemap' and 'Links')
Nordic Institute Of Asian Studies (NIAS, Denmark-baed)
Institute for Asian Affairs (IFA, Germany-based, site in German)
European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS, Belgium-based)
Asia-Europe Centre (France-based, site in French)
Ohio University Southeast Asian Studies Resources (includes links to similar sites)
University of Redlands East & Southeast Asia Net Resources (distinctive directory of academic resources)
Asian Studies Association of Australia (Asian studies learned society, links to others)
Association for Asian Studies (US learned society on Asia)
Access Asia (worldwide directory of Asian studies institutes, database of specialists)
Asia Source (Asia Society's excellent resource, includes bibliographies and specialist database)
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (excellent full-featured resource, includes specialists and other databases)
Canada Asia-Pacific Research Network (excellent links to Canadian and international research institutions on Asia)
Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists (not comprehensive, but very big, search engine)
AlumniNet (world coverage)
Investigative Links (getting very personal here)
Worldwide Email Addresses (very nice search engine, includes Indonesia)
Namebase (if you're really desperate)
Googlism (more for fun, what Google 'knows' about certain people)

Doing Research

Google's Directory to the Social Sciences (invaluable beyond belief)
Research Resources for the Social Sciences (this is it -- the 'big enchilada')
Social Sciences Information Gateway (great UK site)
Social Research Methods (how to do social science)
Methods in Evaluation and Social Research (excellent selection of links)
Spatial Resources for the Social Sciences (rich, developing site)
Scholarly Societies Project (links to thousands of learned societies throughout entire world, exceptionally valuable site)
American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS, vast and exceptionally valuable site with abundant member and affiliate links, including some international ones)
Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA, members list with links to their sites, exceptionally valuable site)
All Conferences (guide to current scholarly and all kinds of conferences, often includes links to conference abstracts and more)
Research Guide for Students (heavy stuff made easy)
Citation Style Guides (links to major guidelines for citing online sources)
Scholarly Work in Humanities and the Information Environment (a study in how one group of researchers uses info tech)
Social Science Data Archives (collection of databases, worldwide in scope)
Sociology Virtual Library (huge directory made by social scientists for own use, very valuable links)
Social Psychology Network (vast database and Web directory)
Psychology WWW Virtual Library (large academic directory)
Encyclopedia of Psychology (academic directory of psychology sites on Web)
Anthropology Links (excellent disciplinary links)
American Anthropologist Article Summaries (free, covers years 1888-2000)
Anthropology Collection Database (searchable online museum)
ArchNet (virtual library for archaeologists)
Southeast Asian Archaeology Bibliographic Database (academic resource)
Criminology Webliography (compiled by professional librarian)