PANEL 3 - SOUTHEAST ASIA, ISLAMIC WORLD, AND AMERICAN SOCIETY (alphabetized by country and region)

Afghanistan to ASEAN

Afghanistan Resources (guide to current conflict, site prepared by History Department of US Military Academy)
Afghanistan NewsTrove (extensive worldwide daily coverage)
Sabawoon (Afghan portal, includes current news)
Afghan Network (huge, diverse portal)
Afghan Information Center (extensive current news portal, anti-Taliban, very current, under revision)
Afghanistan Online (general country portal)
Yahoo Full Coverage Afghanistan (current news and basic links)
Afghanistan Studies (academic site)
Center for Afghanistan Studies (University of Nebraska program, click on 'atlas')
Afghanistan and the US: Selected Internet Resources (extensive links courtesy of UC Berkeley libraries)
Afghanistan Resources (especially useful for teachers)
Afghanistan: A Country Study (complete book) (Afghanistan Web directory)
Google's Afghanistan Directory (Afghanistan Web directory)
AfghanTown (Afghanistan Web directory)
Out There News (Peshawar news agency, once close to Taliban)
Taliban Online (Taliban site located on Thailand server)
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (great site on behalf of oppressed Afghan women)
Institute for Afghan Studies (constructive site sponsored by Afghan academics)
Afghan News Network (selection of latest news on Afghanistan by college students in US)
African Studies Internet Resources (vast compendium)
West African Research Association (academic site)
All Africa Global Media (pan-African, news agency)
Latest Headlines (pan-African, Moreover feed to Kidon)
North Africa Journal (focus on Mahgreb, weekly)
Albanian Daily News (Albania, daily e-news, English)
Algerian Republic Encylopedia (introductory site in English)
Islamic Salvation Front (FIS, Algerian terrorist organization)
Angola Press News Agency (Angola, Luanda, ANGOP, news agency, Portuguese, English and French) (Embassy of Angola in Washington, DC, see 'news' in left panel)
Jornal de Angola (Angola, Luanda, Portuguese)
AZG Armenian Daily (Armenia, news agency, English)
ARMInfo (Armenia, news agency, English)
Political Resources on Nagorno-Karabakh (useful links on this Armenian region inside Azerbaijan)
Asia News (Asian 'politics' feed to Yahoo Australia)
Asia Pacific News (large Asia news portal)
AsiaDragons (multi-country Asia news)
Catcha (multi-country Asia news)
Channel News Asia (multi-country Asia news)
AsiaViews (weekly news compendium from five Southeast Asian periodicals)
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (official APEC secretariat site)
ASEAN Secretariat (rich but very slow-loading official site)
US-ASEAN Business Council (trade organization, includes current developments)
NIU 'SEAsite' on Southeast Asian Languages (major site, one of a kind) (excellent Ohio U guide to online Southeast Asia media resources, especially for journalists)
Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (key Southeast Asian librarians group in AAS)
Southeast Asian Serials by Country (acquisitions by Library of Congress for participating libraries)
National Library of Australia Asian Collections (voluminous resource)
Southeast Asian Studies Online Resources (useful new site by librarian Lisa Klopfer)


Parliament of Australia (vast resources, databases)
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (official DFAT site, includes current developments)
AusAID (Australian government's overseas aid program)
Australian Defence Forces (official site)
Australian Defence Force Academy (official site)
Australian Strategic Policy Institute (think tank, online pdf reports)
Asian Studies WWW Monitor (e-zine by Matthew Ciolek, includes searchable archives)
Coombsweb (vast, oldest Asia and Pacific area research site on net)
Asian Studies Association of Australia (major scholarly site)
Southeast Asian Serials Index (citations from 135 journals on region, joint ANU-KITLV project)
Australian Dissertations on Asia (compiled by Robert Elson)
Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology (Australian journal, table of contents)
Australian Associated Press (AAP world news feed to Yahoo Australia, includes week of archives)
The Bulletin (leading Australian news magazine)
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Australian (Australia)
Age (Australia)
Canberra Times (Australia)
West Australian (Australia)
Green Left Weekly (Australia)
Web Wombat (Australian search engine)
ninemsn (MSN's Australian portal)
Google Australia (offers option of searching only Australian sites or entire Web)

Azerbaijan to Bosnia

ANS News (Azerbaijan, news section or Azerbaijan portal)
AzerTAc (Azerbaijan, state information agency)
Turan (Azerbaijan, information agency)
Gulf Daily News (Bahrain, daily newspaper)
Balkan Web (covers all Balkan countries, use drop-down box)
Virtual Bangladesh (large Web directory)
Bangladesh WWW Virtual Library (large site in the WWW VL series)
The Independent (Bangladesh daily in English)
New Nation (Dhaka newspaper, click on right menu to see news stories)
Bangla Music (lots)
Le Matinal (Benin)
Bosnia Today (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
This Week (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Borneo Bulletin (Brunei, daily)
Media Permata (Brunei, daily)
Pelita Brunei (Brunei, weekly, government-run)
BruDirect (large e-news portal, useful links)
Radio and Television Brunei (government-owned, new site)
Asterawani (Brunei writers association)
Traditional Music of Brunei (pleasant site)
VisitBrunei (practical guide, lots of photos)
The Sultan of Brunei (adulatory site)
Brunei Darussalam Homepage (main Brunei site, current, includes official government module)
Books about Brunei (commercial site)
Kgayer (Brunei search engine and directory)
Zednet Actualite (Burkina Faso, e-news)


Burma Project (broadening the debate on Burma, exceptional site)
AsianInfo Myanmar (basic Burma info, includes travel links and map)
CIA Burma Fact Sheet (basic Burma info)
BurmaNet News (Burma, news compendium, searchable on homepage)
The Irrawaddy (news magazine, covers Burma and Asia, published by Burmese exiles in Thailand)
New Light of Myanmar (Burma, official newspaper)
Myanmar Times (Burma, official news, weekly)
FreeBurma (Burma, portal)
Myanmar Government (official directory. multilingual)
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Pages (bio, speeches, interviews, news)
Business in Burma (aid for investors, useful for all)
Myanmar White, Yellow, and Blue Pages (all manner of contacts inside Burma, not always available)
Myanmar Image Gallery (lots and lots of graphics)
Buddhism in Burma (large Theravada Buddhism site)
Geopium (drug trade in Golden Triange area, in French)
Burma Maps (very useful collection)
Burmese Language Information (John Okell's guide to language learning materials)
Burmese Language and Literature (intermediate level, special fonts downloadable from site)
Center for Burma Studies (Northern Illinois University's programs)
Myanmar Book Centre (basically bibliographical)
Mandalay Bookshop (online bookseller of books on Burma)
Selected Works on Myanmar (full-text of works by selected post-indendence authors)
Online Burma/Myanmar Library (exceptionally valuable academic site)
Burma WWW Virtual Library (valuable academic site)
Burmese Collection of NLA (valuable academic site)
MyanmarDotcom (vast Burma portal, very well organized)
MyanmarPyi (vast Burma portal, multilingual, valuable)
Google's Myanmar Web Directory (Burma Web directory) (huge Burma Web directory, not always available)
KaByar (Burma Web directory)
AsiaCo Myanmar (Burma Web directory)


Cambodia Information Center (Cambodia portal, includes Khmer fonts and highly useful research links)
Khmer Connection (portal by Khmers abroad, includes directory and news, hard to access)
Progressive United Action Association (active portal, California and Phnom Penh, extensive links)
Cambodia Post (e-news)
Phnom Penh Post (newspaper, free and fee)
Khmer Language Learning Materials (three textbooks online)
Learn Khmer (language learning site, includes fonts)
Angkor Portal (large beautiful site, many links)
Royal Cambodian Embassy to the U.S. (official site, lots of useful info, especially on government)
HM Norodom Sihanouk (site dedicated to the King)
King and Queen of Cambodia (effectively, Sihanouk's personal site, French)
FUNCINPEC (major Cambodian political party)
SRP (Sam Rainsy's opposition party)
NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGO consortium, heaps of info)
Cambodia Genocide Program (major academic documentary site, multilingual, includes numerous databases)
Documentation Center of Cambodia (copious Khmer Rouge materials, Yale-sponsored)
Landmine Bibliography (very useful)
Beauty and Darkness (modern history of Cambodia by Bruce Sharp, vast site)
Cambodia Legal Resources Development Center (surprisingly extensive)
Cambodia's Economic Development (undergraduate thesis by Sophal Ear)
Business in Cambodia (aid for investors)
CamWeb (Cambodia cyberculture, especially chat)
Google's Cambodia Web Directory (Cambodia Web directory)
Open Directory's Cambodia Web Sites(Cambodia Web directory)
Cambodia Web Directory (Cambodia Web directory)

Cameroon to Congo

Google's Cameroon Web Directory (basic directory)
Canadian Encyclopedia (Canada, English and French)
Atlas of Canada (incredible maps)
Country Guide to Canada (helpful introductory site)
Canadian Press (CP news feed to Yahoo Canada, hit 'Canadian Press')
CBC Archives (large collection of Canadian radio and TV clips)
Globe and Mail (Canada, Toronto)
Vancouver Sun (Canada, Vancouver)
Macleans (Canada, national newsmagazine)
Pacific Affairs (Canada, scholarly journal, article abstracts only)
Central Asia Caucasus Institute (biweekly journal)
Google's Central Asia Web Directories (Central Asia Web directories)
Conflict Prevention Initiative Central Asia Portal (register, free)
Interactive Central Asia Research Project (major regional portal)
EurasiaNet (Central and Southwest Asia portal, extensive current news)
Times of Central Asia (strong Central Asia regional orientation)
Institute for War and Peace Reporting (independent news for Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia)
Central Asian Studies World Wide (major academic site, includes specialists directory)
Central Asia Fiction (includes story archive)
ChinaSite (huge China/Chinese portal)
People's Daily (China, English edition)
Xinhua (China, official news agency)
Chinese Cultures Abroad Directory (ambitious, developing new site by Vincent Pollard)
East Turkistan Information Center (ETIC, Germany-based Uighur group)
Tibetan Government in Exile (Dalai Lama's site, maintained from London)
Tibet Independence Movement (activist site, based in US)
International Campaign for Tibet (activist site, based in US)
Tibet Justice Center (activist site, based in US)
Tibet Online Resource Gathering (multi-user activist site)
Tibetan Review (monthly news and features, published in India)
Canada Tibet Committee (activist site, news from World Tibet Network)
Les Despeches de Brazzaville (Congo-Brazzaville, French)
Le Soft (Congo-Kinshasa, French)


Google's Country Web Directories (long list, just about every country)
Country Based Search Engines (very useful site)
Country Reports (a private and more current alternative to the CIA Factbook)
CountryWatch (background on 191 countries)
Global Access (worldwide country info from Michigan State University)
Country at a Glance (UN data on each of its member countries, simple but very useful site)
Globastat (country rankings based on CIA World Factbook)
Official Statistics on the Web (University of Auckland site, covers myriad countries)
BBC World News Country Profiles (the take from the Beeb)
World Atlas (flags, maps and geographic facts on everywhere)
Complete Country List (Washington Post's quick-and-dirty search page for news and a few Web links for countries of the world)
Portals to the World (Library of Congress effort at country-specific Web guide, slow, underdeveloped)

Croatia to Ethiopia

Croatia Today (Croatia)
Cyprus Mail (Cyprus, click 'Today's Paper')
La Nation (Djibouti, French)
Google's East Asia Web Directories (East Asia Web directories)
Egypt State Information Service (official site)
Egyptian Press Directory (info on media groups, no links)
Egypt Daily (Egypt, e-news)
al-Ahram (Egyptian weekly in English)
Middle East Times (weekly news focused on Egypt and area, includes censored stories)
Dehai (Eritrea, click 'Dehai-News' for mailing list news feature)
Addis Tribune (Ethiopia, Addis Abeba, weekly)
Ethiopian News Agency (Ethiopia, ENA, news agency)
Ethiopian News (Ethiopia, e-news)


EuroStudies (great site from Social Science Information Gateway, covers all European countries)
Western European Studies (large ACRL site)
Europe for Visitors (research travel in Europe)
European Internet Network (European and Central Asian news in English)
European National Newspapers (very useful,easy access site)
European Union (official EU homepage)
EU News (news, links to all EU Websites, includes magazine 'Europe')
European Parliament (official homepage)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (official NATO homepage)
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE, regional security organization for Europe, Central Asia and North America)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (organization of industrializing market economies, DC center in lieu of working homepage)
Historical Atlas of Europe (large map-timeline site)

France to Latin America

International Herald Tribune (France, global coverage)
Le Monde (France, use 'Recherche')
Le Monde Diplomatique (France, excellent Middle East coverage)
GambiaNet (Gambia, Banjul, e-news)
Independent (Gambia, Banjul, weekly)
Point (Gambia, Banjul, weekly)
Die Welt (Germany, Berlin, German)
Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany, English translations from popular daily newspaper)
Handelsblatt (Germany, focus on business news, German and some English)
Germany Info (very useful news portal by German embassy in DC)
Internationale Politik (Germany, TIP, transatlantic edition, published by German Council of Foreign Relations)
Ghanaian Chronicle (Ghana, Accra)
La Lance (Guinea, weekly magazine, French)
Google's Himalayas Web Directories (Himalayas Web directories)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong, regional newspaper)
Asia Times (Hong Kong, regional newspaper)
Hong Kong Standard (Hong Kong, local orientation)
Asiaweek (regional magazine, published in Hong Kong, ceased publication)
Far Eastern Economic Review (regional magazine, published in Hong Kong)
Southeast Asia Research Centre (productive scholarly unit in City University of Hong Kong)
Research Center on Societal and Social Policy (major Hong Kong scholarly site, includes full text of some journal articles)
Press Trust of India (India's largest news agency)
Times of India (India)
Statesman (India)
Hindustan Times (India)
The Hindu (India)
DK Agencies (vast source for Indian books, online orders)
India Virtual Library (vast portal)
Sify (comprehensive portal)
Sandarbha (vast Indian portal)
Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA, official Iran news agency)
Iran Daily (Iran, daily newspaper via pdf files)
Tehran Times (Iran)
IranMania (independent current news)
Iran: A Country Study (complete book)
Iran Web List (Iran Web Directory)
Iran Virtual Library (Iran portal, distinctive viewpoint)
IraqiOasis (Iraq Web Directory)
IraqNet Directory (Iraq Web directory)
Iraq Daily (Iraq, e-news)
Iraq Journal (US, independent e-news)
Iraq WebLogs (reports from 'embedded' journalists)
Iraq Foundation (informative documentary NGO site)
Irish Times (Ireland, daily newspaper)
Ha'aretz (Israel, daily newspaper, liberal, English edition)
Jerusalem Post (Israel, daily in English)
Arutz Sheva (Israel, news, includes audio and video plus translations from Arab press)
Israel Government Gateway (Israel, official site, English version)
Israel Defense Forces (Israel, official site, very current)
Jewish Virtual Library (vast site, skewed toward US-Israeli relations)
B'Tselem - Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (Israel's major human rights organization)
Peace Now (extra-parliamentary Israeli activist group, English site, click 'cancel' if prompted for Hebrew fonts)
Ta'ayush (movement for Arab-Jewish partnership)
Notre Voie (Ivory Coast, Abidjan. French)
Japan Times (Japan)
Asahi (Japan)
Kyodo (Japan, news wire)
Yomiuri (Japan)
Institute of Developing Economies (Japan, major research center)
Center for Southeast Asian Studies (major Kyoto University research center)
Japan Reference (unique Web directory)
Japan Statistical Yearbook 2003
Jordan Times (Amman daily in English)
King Abdullah II (official website of Jordan's king)
Kashmir Observer (Srinigar daily in English)
Kashmir Times (Jammu-Kashmir daily in English)
Greater Kashmir (online news)
Kazak Info (Kazakhstan, current news section of Kazakhstan portal)
Korea Herald (South Korea)
Kurdish Media (Kurdish news portal)
Kuwait Daily (Kuwait)
Dictionary of Spanish (includes audio)
Latin America Studies (large academic directory)
Organization of American States (official site in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese)


Lao Connection (Laos portal, useful first stop)
Lan-Xang (modest but useful Laos portal, includes news, opinion, music)
Vientiane Times (Laos, collected e-news)
Lao PDR Embassy to USA (Lots of useful official info, especially on government, includes news)
Lao Human Rights Council (focus on Lao and Hmong, extensive links)
National University of Laos (basic info)
Business in Laos (basic investor info)
Lao PDR and the IMF (IMF dealings with Laos)
Lao Study Review (full text of all available issues)
SatJaDam (Lao literary project by Laotians in US)
Talking Hmong (Hmong language learning site)
Visit Laos (official tourism site)
Google's Laos Web Directory (Laos web directory)
AsiaCo Laos Web Directory (Laos Web directory)
Open Directory's Laos Web Sites (Laos Web directory)
Laos WWW Virtual Library (Laos Web directory)
Internet Resources on Laos (University of Redlands' site selections)

Lebanon to Macedonia

Beirut Times (Lebanon, daily newspaper)
Daily Star (Lebanon, daily newspaper)
Lebanon Broadcasting Corporation International (Lebanon, LBCI, privately owned TV station)
Perspective (Liberia, news magazine)
Liberia News (liberia, e-news)
Al-Fajral-Jadeed (Libya, Tripoli, English version)
Macau Government Information Bureau (Chinese, English and Portuguese)
Macau: An Administrative Region Study (book by Federal Research Division of US Library of Congress)
MakNews (Macedonian e-news)


New Malaysia News (current news from various sources)
MalaysiaKini (Malaysia, independent online news source, full text by subscription)
Results of General Elections of 2004 (site sponsored by MalaysiaKini)
Agenda Daily (Malaysia, independent news)
Aliran (major NGO fighting for political reform, includes Aliran Monthly)
Suaram (major human rights organization)
Tenaganita (women's rights organization, not current but has still useful collection of reports)
PAS (PAS site, includes current news)
DAP (trilingual, current and archived party statements)
Barisan Nasional (official site of ruling political coalition)
UMNO Online (official homepage of country's dominant party)
Malaysian Chinese Association (main long-time UMNO political partner)
New Straits Times (Malaysia, media conglomerate)
Business Times (Malaysia, part of NST group)
Star (Malaysia)
Utusan Malaysia (Malaysia, Bahasa Malaysia)
Utusan Online (Malaysia, English)
Borneo Post (Malaysia, Sabah, site not there at moment)
Daily Express (Malaysia, Sabah)
Sarawak Tribune (Malaysia, Sarawak)
Sejarah Melayu (beautiful site, history of Malay peninsula)
Classic Malaya (companion photographic site to Sejarah Melayu)
Lathouse (Lat the kampung boy, requires Macromedia Flash)
Orang Asli Archive (growing site on indigenous peoples of peninsular Malaysia)
Index of Malaysian Government Departments (alphabetic, covers whole country)
Malaysian Yellow Pages (search engine and directory of Malaysian business)
Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (excellent guide for tourists)
Malaysia Hotels (excellent site, covers whole country, includes KL and Penang city guides)
Guide for Expatriates in Malaysia (practical stuff valuable for everybody)
Malaysia-Index (buying guide and endless other neat stuff)
Jalinan Jaring (magazine of the Malaysian Internet)
Bijak (Malaysian guide to better use of the Internet)
University of Malaya (excellent site, well-developed library module)
Universiti Sains Malaysia (highly developed site, lots of ongoing research)
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (useful introduction)
Sarawak Online (state government agencies and Sarawak Web sites)
Sarawak Search Engine (neat specialized tool, includes directory)
Rajah Brooke and 19th Century Sarawak (extremely informative, painstakingly crafted site)
Pustaka Negeri Sarawak (Sarawak State Library, useful site)
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (helpful introduction)
Institute of East Asian Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (focused on Borneo, describes available resources)
Official Homepage of Sabah (very nice, click tabs in upper right corner to navigate)
Sabah Museum (nice introductory local culture site)
Universiti Malaysia Sabah (nice site, bilingual)
All Malaysian WebSphere (Malaysia Web directory)
Malaysia Central (Malaysia search engine and Web directory)
Cari (first Malaysian search engine)

Maldives to Palestine

Haveeru Daily (Maldives, English with link to Dhivehi version)
Nouakchott Info (Mauritania, French)
Ajeeb (Arabic to English Web page translator, just type URL of _any_ Arabic page in box)
Saudi Network (extensive links to Arab world media)
Sahafa (major Mideast newspaper links site)
Arabic News (news from Arab world in English)
Arab Culture and Civilization (vast portal)
Ummah News (worldwide Islamic news portal)
Al Bawaba (Middle East news gateway)
Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI, translates Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew media, free and fee)
Middle East Virtual Library (collaborative effort of several international libraries, very broad coverage, check convenient 'Subject Catalog')
Center for Middle Eastern Studies (University of Texas at Austin, major portal, extensive directory and separate country pages)
Middle East Policy Council (US organization, includes journal 'Middle East Policy' and guide to specialists)
Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (SOAS program, learning site)
Middle East Directories (academic Mideast portal)
Google's Middle East Web Directories (Middle East Web directories)
Middle East Historical and Peace Process Documents (excellent learning site)
Middle East Institute (association geared to increasing American understanding of region)
Permanent Delegation of Organization of the Islamic Conference to the UN (association of 56 Islamic countries, see News and Links)
SESRTCIC (research body, extensive information on OIC member countries, including statistics, based in Ankara)
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC news site in lieu of working official site)
Oriental Tunes (music from the Muslim world, large site)
Hizb-ut-Tahrir (official site, multi-lingual, international Muslim organization, based primarily in Jordan and Lebanon, now widespread)
Le Matin (Morocco, daily newspaper in French)
Moroccan News Agency (Morocco, official, French with English 'newsbriefs')
DutchESS (Netherlands, search engine for Dutch sites)
Ilse (all-purpose Dutch portal)
Netherlands Homepage (Dutch sites)
NL Menu (large directory of Dutch sites, searchable, English and Dutch interfaces)
Dutch Government (directory of official sites, mostly Dutch, some English)
Dutch Universities (links to Websites of all 14 Dutch universities, takes holiday leave)
Agenda Asia (database of Asian studies conferences, site maintained in Leiden)
Strategic Alliance for Asian Studies (European Asian studies organizations, site maintained in Leiden)
Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (major Dutch scholarly journal on Southeast Asia, index of articles)
International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (important research institute in the Netherlands)
Royal Library (national library of Netherlands)
Free Dictionary (Dutch to English and English to Dutch online dictionary, part of larger dictionary site which includes Indonesian)
Trouw (Netherlands, Dutch)
de Telegraaf (Netherlands, Dutch)
Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands, Dutch)
de Volkskrant (Netherlands, Dutch)
NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands, Dutch)
Press Digest (Netherlands, Dutch)
Nationale MediaSite (Netherlands, links to all Dutch media)
NZoom (New Zealanders Homepage, includes ONE News)
Newsroom NZ (New Zealand wire, 'top stories' feed to Yahoo Australia, includes week of archives)
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand, Auckland)
Stuff (New Zealand news portal)
Scoop (New Zealand news portal)
Asia Pacific Viewpoint (New Zealand scholarly journal, table of contents, article abstracts)
Vanguard (Nigeria, Lagos)
New Nigerian (Nigeria, Kaduna.Lagos)
Daily Trust (Nigeria, Abuja)
Nigerian Tribune (Nigeria, Ibadan)
Triumph (Nigeria, Kano)
Google's Oceania Web Directories (Oceania Web directories)
Oman Observer (Oman, daily newspaper, use top menu panel)
Oman News Agency (Oman, official, English feed)
Asia-Pacific Network (Fiji, excellent Pacific news links)
Pacific Islands Report (US, Pacific news portal)
Pakistan News Service (PNS wire, English and Urdu)
Dawn (Pakistan's most read English newspaper)
Daily Times (Pakistan)
The News (Pakistan daily in English)
Balochistan Express (Pakistan, Quetta English-language daily)
HiPakistan (news in English, part of portal)
Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (official site)
PakDef (unofficial site of Armed Forces of Pakistan)
Pakistan: A Country Study (complete book)
American Institute of Pakistan Studies (academic site)
Pakistan Homepage (Pakistan Web directory)
Official Pakistan Page (Pakistan Web directory)
PakAvenue (Pakistan Web directory)
Question of Palestine (official UN site)
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (official UN site)
Palestinian National Authority (offical site, always under construction)
Wafa (Palestine, aka Palestine News Agency, English feed)
Palestine Chronicle (Palestine news portal)
Electronic Iraq (US-based alternative Iraq news site)
Electronic Intifada ('truth' site, anti-Israel)
Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (Palestine, invaluable primary data)


ECU Online (great personal Website, guide to Philippines)
PhilInfo (news and information gateway)
Balita (covenient multi-source daily news updates, also a list)
Star4All Phillipines Page (alternative Philippines portal)
ABS-CBN (Philippines and regional news)
Manila Times (Philippines)
Manila Bulletin (Philippines)
Philippine Star (Philippines)
Sun Star (network of local newspapers)
Malaya (Phillippines)
Business World (Philippines)
Bankaw News (Philippines, Leyte-Samar)
Mindanao Times (Philippines, local coverage)
MindaNews (Philippines, English, produced by Mindanao News)
Pemantalaang Mindanaw (English news, publication of Mindanao Institute of Journalism)
Bulatlat (Philippines, progressive-nationalist magazine)
IBON Foundation (progressive Philippine organization, online news and features)
Pilipinas (US and Australia, scholarly journal)
Pulse Asia (Philippines survey research firm, some findings free on site)
Results of General Election of 2004 (site sponsored by PCIJ)
Philippine European Solidarity Centre (progressive materials, very extensive national and international links)
Philradio (Philippines radio networks)
Philippine History 101 (very helpful)
National Statistics Office (all the numbers you need)
Government of the Philippines (official portal, vast site)
Government Directory (all branches, names of officials)
Office of the President (vast site, current)
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ('good stuff' about the President)
House of Representatives (vast official site)
Senate (vast site)
Supreme Court (vast official site)
Philippine Army (vast site,)
Human Rights Network on the Web (human rights movement in the Philippines)
Philippines Education Guide (links to all colleges and university in the country)
Philippines Administrative Divisions (handy clickable map of entire country)
ClickTheCity (practical guide to Metro Manila)
Learning Tagalog (superb NIU site)
Jolo (large personal site on a troubled area)
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (new site, separatist and terrorist organization)
Open Directory (directory of Philippine Web directories)
Google Philippines Links (Philippines Web directory, Google's picks, really good)
Search Beat Philippines (Philippines Web directory)
EDSA (Philippines Web directory)
Philippine Golden Links (Philippines Web directory)
WebGuidePhilippines (Philippines Web directory)
Asia Observer Philippines Start Page (Philippines Web directory)

Papua New Guinea to Sierra Leone

National (PNG)
Post-Courier (PNG)
Independent (PNG)
About Papua New Guinea (introductory site)
Buai (books, useful articles and info on PNG)
PNGInLaw (specialized legal site)
Papua New Guinea Virtual Library (vast compendium)
SAPO (Portuguese sites, includes media links)
Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP, official site, Portuguese)
Al Jazeera (Qatar, Arab world's CNN, pan-Arabist)
Al Jazeera (Qatar, English Web edition)
Gulf Times (Qatar, daily newspaper in English)
Itar-Tass (Russian news wire)
Interfax (Russian news wire)
Moscow Times (Russia)
Pravda (Russia, English edition)
Russia Today (Russia, e-news portal)
Russia News Online (e-news on Russia from Western sources)
Google's Russian Minorities Links (extensive)
National Council on Soviet Jewry (human rights group, see country reports pages)
Government of Russia (official site, multiple languages)
Strana (unofficial pro-Putin site, Russian)
Lenta (popular portal, Russian)
Abyz (links to Saudi Arabia news media)
Arab News (Saudi Arabia, English daily)
Saudia Arabia Country Study (full-text book)
Google's Senegal Links (not a broad choice anywhere)
Sierra Leone News (Sierra Leone, e-news)


Straits Times (Singapore, includes extensive regional news)
Business Times (Singapore)
Berita Harian (Singapore, Malay daily)
Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore, Chinese daily, requires special software to read)
Radio Singapore International (multilingual)
Remaking Singapore (government-sponsored online debates and polls)
ThinkCentre (Singapore, independent institute)
Singapore Window (independent views on domestic and foreign affairs)
Little Speck (Seah Chiang Nee's columns)
Singaporeans for Democracy (collected views of local political opposition)
Singapore Yellow Pages (directory for consumers and businesses)
Singapore Government Directory (comprehensive, a must-visit site)
Statistics on Singapore (valuable site, mostly bibliographical, but also some key links to government stats and the year 2000 census)
National University of Singapore (awesome, but many restricted areas)
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (major Singapore research institution, publishes many journals)
Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies (major Singapore security research institute)
Institute of Policy Studies (another major research institution)
Asia Research Institute (new research organization, site hosts H-SEASIA list)
Contemporary Southeast Asia (Singapore, useful scholarly journal, free abstracts)
Sojourn (Singapore, useful regional journal, free abstracts)
ASEAN Economic Bulletin (Singapore, useful regional journal, free abstracts)
Select Books (academically oriented bookstore focusing on Southeast Asia)
National Heritage Board (preserving the past)
KampungNet (Singapore Muslim community site)
Makan Time (Singapore food scene)
Singapore Street Directory (also includes cities in some neighboring countries)
Singapore Infomap (official Singapore Web directory, makes site 'recommendations')

Somalia to Tanzania

Banadir (Somalia, e-news, also see Mogadishu links on left panel)
Somali Press (Somalia, Somali and some English)
Independent (South Africa, highly regarded newspaper)
Star (South Africa, Johannesburg)
Mail and Guardian (South Africa, Johannesburg)
Google's South Asia Web Directories (South Asia Web directories)
South Asia in Focus (useful regional Web portal)
South Asia Analysis Group (papers, based in India)
South Asia Intelligence Review (weekly assessments and briefings, thorough current site, covers entire area well)
South Asian Journalists Association (represents 800+ journalists in US and Canada)
El Pais (Spain, Spanish)
Buber's Basque Page (Spain, Basque culture)
Sri Lanka News (Sri Lanka, e-news portal)
Island (Sri Lanka, national newspaper)
Tamil Guardian (weekly update for worldwide Tamil diaspora, pdf files)
American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies (academic-style portal)
Sudan Net (Sudan news compendium)
De Ware Tijd (Suriname, Dutch and English)
Syria Times (Syria, English version of newspaper, click on day of week)
Taipei Times (Taiwan)
Tajikistan Daily Digest (Tajikstan, current news via EurasiaNet)
Tajikistan: A Country Study (full book)
Express (Tanzania, Dar es Salaam)
Arusha Times (Tanzania, Arusha, weekly)


Thailand Virtual Library (vast introductory site for self-directed Web navigators)
Thailand News Web Directory (covers print and electronic media, Thai and English)
Bangkok Post (Thailand)
Nation (Thailand)
Business Day (Thailand)
Thai News Agency (Thailand, official, excellent links)
Complete Royal Thai Government (possibly best site by a Southeast Asian government on the net)
Thai Parliament (bilingual, rudimentary, includes directory of political parties)
Thailand Arts and Culture Directory (excellent diverse links collection)
Thailand Buddhism (bilingual, excellent site)
ThaiFolk (extensive Thai culture site)
How to Speak Thai (includes dictionary, how to use Thai fonts)
Thai Language and Culture Learning Resources (Northern Illinois University's Thai site)
Thai-Yunnan Project (cross-border academic project, includes annual reports and recent bulletins)
South Thailand Homepage (valuable academic site)
Chulalongkorn University (very extensive resources)
Thailand Business Pages (vast site of companies operating in Thailand)
Thailand for You (travel portal)
Sawasdee Thailand (Tourism Authority of Thailand, multilingual, includes province guide)
INM Bangkok City Guide (aid for travelers, includes Chiangmai and northern Thailand)
BangkokWorld (tourist guide, includes interactive maps)
Internet Resources on Thailand (University of Redlands Thai studies page)
Asia Observer Thailand Directory (another well-done site in a regional series)
iThailand (Thailand Web directory, 'living' and travel focus)
Siam-Search (Thailand, general Web directory with some special Thai features) (large general Web directory and portal)
Sanook (Thai-only Web directory, requires special software)

Timor Leste

Solidamor (Indonesian NGO, news on East Timor and elsewhere in Indonesian and English, valuable site)
East Timor Study Group (one of few sites by East Timorese intellectuals, many research reports and analyses, English and Indonesian)
East Timor and Indonesia Database 1990-2002 (huge collection from 'apakabar' project, search in English or Indonesian for different sets of results)
Lusa (Portuguese, choose 'Lusanews' for English, site layout occasionally changes)
Relief Web - East Timor (reporting from humanitarian organizations)
Yahoo East Timor Full Coverage (helpful but not very full) (documentation and news, usually not current)
East Timor News (East Timor, compendium, dated)
Suara Timor Lorosae (Dili newspaper, limited content, site contains malicious code, read at risk to your computer)
Timor Post (dated articles from Timor Post, multi-lingual, scant online content, most in Bahasa Indonesia version)
UNTAET (documentation, UN transitional administration, includes daily briefs)
East Timor Elections (extensive documentation, site managed by Asia Foundation)
Independent Electoral Commission (very detailed information in a choice of languages)
Fretilin (unofficial site of Timor Leste's current ruling party, includes fair amount of material not easily available elsewhere)
Timorese Democratic Union (extensive documentation by UDT, almost all in Portuguese)
UNMISET (successor to UNTAET in independent East Timor, includes daily press briefings)
World Bank Timor Leste Homepage (bountiful documentary site)
IMF in East Timor (includes recent material)
UNDP in East Timor (official program site)
UNIFEM in East Timor (program site, includes rare picture of Noeleen and Xanana)
WHO in East Timor (now mostly an archive, includes some recent material, use left panel to navigate)
Asian Development Bank in East Timor (includes full test of substantive reports)
Government of East Timor (underdeveloped new site)
Constitution of East Timor (English version, pdf file)
President of East Timor (unofficial site containing biodata on Xanana Gusmao, use left panel to navigate)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (new official East Timor site)
EU East Timor Pages (extensive documentation)
US State Department East Timor Pages (considerable documentation, some recent material)
Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs East Timor Pages (most archival, some recent material)
National University of East Timor Library (ongoing project)
National Institute of Linguistics (valuable academic site)
East Timor National NGO Forum (documentation unavailable elsewhere)
Yayasan Hak (major East Timorese human rights group, site includes periodical Cidadaun)
Judicial System Monitoring Program (NGO monitoring human rights trials and related legislation)
Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation (difficult noble effort, mostly documentation)
La'o Hamutuk (joint Timorese-international group monitoring foreign organizations in East Timor)
East Timor Action Network (US activist group)
east-timor (Topica list sponsored by ETAN/US, as good as it gets in English, no Indonesian-language sources)
War Crimes Trials in Indonesia and East Timor (documentation by UC Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center)
East Timor Revisited (National Security Archive material on the 1975-76 Indonesian invasion, includes declassified info)
East Timor Observatory (English, position papers of Portuguese NGOs CDPM and Paz)
International Platform of Jurists for East Timor (solidarity group, strong archive)
Back Door (East Timor, compendium, not current)
Timor Today (Timor Aid site, news including Dili press summaries, now an archive)
East Timor Virtual Library (University of Coimbra offering)
East Timor Web Sites (English, activist focus, extensive links)
Map of East Timor (click on each district for further details)
Timor Lorosae in Transition (nice photo collection by Alex Tilman)
Project for Protection and Promotion of East Timorese Languages (academic site, much useful material, some provocative analyses)
Languages of East Timor (Ethnologue data)
Bibliography of East Timor (recent extensive effort by Robert Lawless)

Togo to United Arab Emirates

Togo News (Togo, Lome, French)
La Presse (Tunisia, daily newspaper)
Turkish Press (Turkey, e-news in English)
Zaman (Turkey, daily newspaper in Turkish)
Turkmenistan News (Turkmenistan, e-news)
Alternatives (Turkish international relations journal)
Turkmenistan: A Country Study (complete book)
Al Bayan (United Arab Emirates, daily newspaper, Arabic)
Gulf News (United Arab Emirates, daily newspaper, English)

United Kingdom

UK Online (British government portal, requires javascript)
Office of Prime Minister of United Kingdom (official British site)
Foreign and Commonwealth Office of United Kingdom (official British site)
Parliament of the United Kingdom (exceptional official site, vast holdings, databases)
British Monarchy (official site)
The Stationery Office (official UK government publications order site)
UK Phonebook (search tool)
British Council (official worldwide UK organization for educational and cultural relations)
BBC Monitoring Service (mostly fee site, news from 2,000+ media outlets, including translations)
BBC Search (free, searches BBC news sites)
Economist (UK, try 'Search' or 'Country Briefings')
Financial Times (UK)
Get Favourites News (British compendium of current news sources)
Global Archive (now mostly a fee site, Financial Times news databases)
Guardian (UK, use Search)
KeepAhead (British news site aggregator)
Press Association (British news portal)
SkyNews (current world news from UK wire)
The Times (UK)
British Pathe Film Archive (UK, unique historical resource, covers 1896 to 1970)
Times Literary Supplement (UK, essays and book reviews)
Times Education Supplement (leading UK education periodical)
London Review of Books (UK, book reviews and essays, leftist)
The Pacific Review (UK journal, citations and abstracts)
Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (UK, MBC, TV station owned by in-law of Saudi royal family)
Muslim News (UK site, covers Islamic world)
Al Quds (UK, daily newspaper, Arabic)
Al-Muhajiroun (stark Muslim terrorist site in London)
Azzam (London-based al-Qaida site)
IslamicAwakening (UK-based al-Qaida site, purports to be replacement of Azzam)

United States

U.S. - Newspapers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)
Arizona Republic (US)
Baltimore Sun (US)
Boston Globe (US)
Chicago Tribune (US)
Charlotte Observer (US)
Christian Science Monitor (US, strong international coverage)
Dallas Morning News (US)
Denver Post (US)
DesMoines Register (US)
Detroit Free Press (US)
Houston Chronicle (US)
Louisville Courier-Journal (US)
Miami Herald (US)
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune (US)
Newsday (US)
Philadelphia Inquirer (US)
San Francisco Chronicle (US)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US)
Seattle Times (US)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (US)
St. Petersburg Times (US)
Tampa Tribune (US)
USA Today (US)
Wall Street Journal (US, public site, links to Asian and all other editions for subscribers)
Washington Times (US)

U.S. - News Portals

Alternative News Sources (pick your link)
BlueEagle (links to 700+ American online columnists)
Cursor (US, alternative world e-news blog)
Drudge Report (links to many conservative US magazines and commentators, 'infamous' site)
Drudge Retort (links to many liberal US magazines and commentators)
New California Media (news on ethnic minorities in US)
NewsMax (US-centric, conservative, general e-news, useful links at top of page)
Political USA (contemporary politics blog, domestic and international scope)
Progressive Review Index (alternative news sources)
WorldNetDaily (US-centric, conservative, general e-news, useful links in lower left panel)

U.S. - Magazines and Journals

The American Conservative (US, bi-weekly magazine, old-line conservatism)
American Prospect (US, liberal intellectual magazine)
American Journalism Review (US, published at University of Maryland)
The American Reporter (US, online daily newspaper)
Asian Survey (US, subscribers, only, free table of contents)
Asia-Pacific Economic Update (US CINCPAC journal, current URL, URL changes each issue)
Atlantic (US, general magazine)
Aztlan (journal of Chicano studies)
Bibliography of Asian Studies (subscription site)
Boston Review (US, political and literary forum)
Bilingual Research Journal (US, full-text)
Book World (weekly Washington Post book review section)
Business Week (US, possibly best weekly business magazine)
Chronicle of Higher Education (leading US higher education periodical, paper subscription, userid and password needed to access content)
City Journal (national magazine on urban topics)
Columbia Journalism Review (US, liberal)
Congressional Quarterly (US, tracks Congressional news, mainly a subscriber site)
Contexts (US, new quarterly magazine, focus on American society, in process)
Critical Asian Studies (US, contents and abstracts, some full-text articles, formerly titled Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars)
Crossroads (US, NIU journal on Southeast Asia, citations and abstracts)
Current History (US, major world affairs journal)
Daedalus (US, journal of American Academy of Arts and Sciences)
Defense News (US, weekly, follows military news, mainly a subscriber site)
Dissent (US, independent left)
Electronic Intifada (Chicago site, news from Palestinian perspective)
Foreign Affairs (US, major journal)
Foreign Policy (US, major journal)
GWBush (US, e-'news,' comic relief)
Harper's (US, exceptionally literate literary journalism, liberal monthly magazine)
Harvard International Law Journal (US, academic journal)
The Hill (US, compete with Roll Call in covering Congress)
Hyde Park Review of Books (US, quarterly, focuses on small and university press)
Iconoclast (US, e-'news,' comic relief}
In These Times (US, progressive, twice a month)
Journal of Asian Studies (US, AAS journal, synopses of articles, a few free full-text versions)
Journal of Burma Studies (US, NIU journal, citations and abstracts)
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (US)
Journal of International Affairs (US, Columbia University academic publication)
Khilafah (US, monthly magazine, anti-West, supports worldwide Islamic state)
Legal Affairs (US)
Media Monitors Network (California site, focuses on Islamic world)
Middle East Report (US, quarterly, major analytic resource on region)
Mirror International (US, Islamic world news weekly in English)
Nation (US, venerable liberal weekly)
National Geographic (US, world coverage, extensive site)
National Interest (US, conservative international affairs journal)
National Journal (US, highly regarded publishing group, fee, members-only site)
National Review (US, conservative)
Newsweek (US weekly, American edition)
Newsweek International Edition (US weekly)
New Republic (US weekly, neo-conservative)
New York Review of Books (essays and book reviews)
New York Times Book Reviews (essays and book reviews, one-time free registration)
New Yorker (US, popular magazine, unpredictable essays)
Onion (US, e-'news,' comic relief)
Parameters (US, Army War College quarterly, official site, extensive links)
PC World (online version of best-selling magazine, for the tech-savvy)
Policy Review (US, Hoover Institution bimonthly magazine, intellectual right)
The Progressive (US, monthly magazine, long-time peace and social justice commitment in US and abroad)
Public Diplomacy (USIA Alumni Association site)
Reader's Digest (US, venerable popular magazine)
Reason (US, libertarian)
The Retired Officer Magazine (US, monthly magazine for all US uniformed services, includes current news)
Roll Call (US, 'inside' newspaper covering Congress)
Salon (US, online e-commentary, originated as The Well)
SatireWire (US, e-'news,' comic relief)
Science (US, weekly AAAS magazine)
Scientific American (US, venerable magazine)
Sierra (US, bimonthly magazine of Sierra Club)
Slate (US, iconclastic e-commentary, owned by Microsoft)
Soldier of Fortune (US, 'action' monthly military magazine)
Stars and Stripes (US, follows military news, selections from European and Pacific editions)
Strategic Asia (annual report of National Bureau of Asian Research, articles in pdf format, see associated database)
Texas Monthly (US, subscriber site)
Tikkun (US, progressive Jewish magazine)
Time (US weekly, American edition)
Time Asian Edition (US weekly, also check other international editions links at bottom of page)
Time Archive (US, full text of Time articles since 1985, includes regional editions plus some other goodies, by subscription)
US News & World Report (US weekly)
Washington Monthly (US monthly, neo-liberal)
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (US, highly critical of US and Israeli policies, previous month's issue online)
Weekly Standard US, conservative)
WhiteHouse (US, e-'news,' comic relief)
Wired (US, monthly tech and digital culture magazine)
World Policy Journal (US, quarterly journal of World Policy Institute)
Z (US, radical left magazine)

U.S. - Radio and Television

100000 Watts (comprehensive US radio and TV directory)
ABC (US TV, current world news)
CBS (US TV, current world news)
CNN (US TV, world news)
CNN Asia (US, more focused on Asia regional news)
C-SPAN (US TV and radio, live coverage channels, includes Webcasts)
Fox News (US TV, current world news)
NBC (US TV, use for full news menu)
MSNBC (US cable TV, current world news)
CNBC (US cable TV, business news, site run by Microsoft)
National Public Radio (US, very popular station)
PBS (US public TV, includes NewsHour and NPR)
PBS Frontline (US public TV, news documentary show archive)
TV Guide (US, leading TV program directory, customizable by location in US)

U.S. - Social Groups and Organizations

Roadmap to African-American Resources (a prime selection)
African American Labor History Links (brought to you by AFSCME)
African American Newspapers (names and addresses)
Google's African American Links (a good start)
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (major US Arab civil rights group)
American Civil Liberties Union (avant-garde organization)
American Council on Education (advocacy on key issues facing higher education in US)
American Enterprise Institute (conservative DC think-tank)
American Indians - Virtual Library (vast resource)
American Muslim Alliance (ostensible political awareness organization, unclear unofficial agenda)
American Muslim Council (supports radical Islamic causes)
Anti-Defamation League (major US Jewish civil rights group)
Arab American Institute (seeks empowerment of Americans of Arab descent)
Asia Foundation (programs, news, events, publications)
Asian America (exceptional Asian-American portal, covers both Asian countries of origin and US diaspora)
Asian-Nation (Asian-American portal)
Bibliography of Asian and Pacific Islander American Literature (academic contribution)
Google's Asian American Links (nice collection)
Asian American Journalists Association (represents 1,700+ members)
Asian American Studies Center - UCLA (major program)
Asian and Pacific Islander Populations (US census site)
Brookings Institution (venerable liberal DC think-tank, extensive and create site)
Cafe Arabica (US, Arab-American portal)
Center for Immigration Studies (conservative research institute)
Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (Georgetown University informational site)
Center for New Community (faith-based human rights organization in Chicago)
Council for International Exchange of Scholars (Fulbright Program site)
Center for Responsive Politics (award-winning site, focuses on role of money in US politics)
Chicano Studies Research Center (UCLA site)
Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR, American Muslims culture and human rights monitoring organization, includes Islamist elements)
Extremists on the Internet (educational site, explore 'resources')
Ford Foundation (explains current programs)
Freedom Forum (site features current First Amendment news)
Greek America (ethnic magazine)
Heritage Foundation (conservative think-tank)
Hmong Nationality Archives (project to preserve Hmong culture in the diaspora, excellent links)
Hoover Institution (conservative think-tank at Stanford University)
The Internet and American Life (invaluable periodic reports, funded by Pew Charitable Trusts)
IREX (grants and research)
Islamic Circle of North America (mainly a South Asian Muslim organization, allied with fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islamiyah in Pakistan and Bangladesh)
Islamic Society of North America (umbrella association of Muslim groups in US, including terrorist ones)
Islamic Supreme Council of America (large Muslim organization promoting tolerance)
Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project (rich University of Washington site)
Javanoir: Guide to African American Resources on the Internet (major portal)
Jewish Voices against the Occupation (peace group)
John F. Kennedy School of Government (rich site, includes major full-text collection of research papers)
Middle East Forum (conservative thinktank)
MoveOn (major American peacement site)
Muslim Life in America (official US government site)
Muslim Public Affairs Council (ostensible civil rights organization, implicitly supports terrorist activities)
NAACP (venerable African-American organization)
National Endowment for the Humanities (official site)
National Science Foundation (official site)
National Women's Law Center (advocacy group headquartered in DC)
Google's Native American Links (extensive)
Political Research Associates (monitors US political right)
Population Reference Bureau (research organization and publisher)
Rand Corporation (policy research)
Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Program (monitors hate groups in US, includes 'Intelligence Report' archives)
Soros Foundation (newest progressive foundation, promotes open societies)
Tolerance Watch (ways to fight hate and promote tolerance in the US)
United for Peace and Justice (major American peace movement site)
US Commission on Civil Rights (independent government agency)
United States Institute of Peace (official site)
Uyghur American Association (human rights organization)
Volunteers in Asia (exchange organization)
Washington Institute for Near East Policy (public educational foundation)
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (fosters research in humanities and social sciences)
Working for Change (leading progressive organization)
U.S. - Government

US Info (State Department news service, also known as 'Washington File')
Foreign Media Reaction (media roundups on specific issues of the day, carefully read in US State Department)
Foreign Press Center (facility for foreign correspondents in DC, very current)
US State Department Daily Press Briefings(official site, extensive info, includes full transcripts)
GovSpot (all about American government)
United States Government Organization Manual (full text, html and pdf versions)
Leadership Directories (often called 'The Yellow Books,' lays out American power structure -- at a hefty price, invaluable)
American Political Development (admirable growing site, don't miss 'Newly Published' or 'Links')
Political Organizations Filings and Disclusures (searchable databases, official Internal Revenue Service site)
Biography of America (educational TV series)
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History (very rich site)
Documents for Study of American History (quite a lot you haven't seen before)
Chronology of US Historical Documents (extensive collection from University of Oklahoma College of Law)
Our Documents (facsimiles of US historical documents, new learning site, still under development)
Historical Publications of the US Commission on Civil Rights (extensive archive maintained by University of Maryland Law School)
American Radio Works (documentary unit of Minnesota public radio)
American Folklore (whopping collection)
Not by Bread Alone (America's culinary heritage, a great food history site)
Almanac of American Politics 2002 (authoritative reference produced by respected National Journal, members only site)
UncleSam (who's who in US federal government, includes detailed bio sketches and photos)
FirstGov (all US government online resources, free searchable databases)
FirstGov for Workers (prime US government site for work-related matters)
FirstGov for Science (US government science and technology sites)
FirstGov for Kids (a directory of government sites more amenable to tastes of the younger set)
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (neat little lessons, use left panel to get wide selection)
White House (official site of current US President and Vice President)
Clinton Presidential Center (personal site of former US President, includesd current views)
Executive Branch of US Government (all the links)
CongressLink (huge learning and research site)
Congressional Directory (invaluable annual book now online and searchable)
Senate (official site)
House of Representatives (official site)
Registered Lobbyists (search databases, courtesy of Center for Responsive Politics)
Registered Foreign Agents (for semi-annual reports, see drop-down box in lower right of page)
Google's Consulting Directory (often leads to many strange places)
National Political Index (large directory geared toward study of American politics)
National Environmental Directory (database of environmental organizations throughout the US)
National Environmental Data Index (info from 12 US government agencies)
Thomas (part of online law library of Congress)
US Supreme Court Multimedia Database (elegant site)
Religious Liberty Archive (relevant cases brought before US Supreme Court and lower courts, including current materials)
Judicial Branch of US Government (all the links for US, also many international sites)
State and Local Governments (large directory)
States News (diversified site)
National Association of Counties (vast site)
Business Filings Databases by State (very nice private effort)
State Resource Center (vast _free_ Web guide from Lexis)
States and Capitals (convenient info on each state)
Education Commission of the States (lots of studies relevant to state education systems)
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (access to database of all federal assistance programs)
US Census Bureau (tons of data, a great public service site)
Population Profiles of the U.S. 2000 (excellent reports in pdf files courtesy of Census Bureau)
Mapping Census 2000: Geography of US Diversity (ethnic maps, pdf format)
CensusScope (user-friendly portal to US census by University of Michigan)
FedStats (all kinds of statistics on US, many links to related sites)
ERSys (statistics on US metropolitan areas)
ePodunk (profiles of US college and university towns and cities)
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES, official site)
Common Core of Data (build-a-table tool from NCES)
Crime and Justice Data (recurring reports courtesy of Department of Justice)
Disaster Finder (NASA's excellent inclusive directory of all kinds of disaster sites)
U.S. Government Printing Office - Publications (free US government publications, use search box plus 'GPO Access')
U.S. Government Printing Office - Databases (central site for searching any of the many databases of key government serials maintained by the GPO)

Uzbekistan to Vatican

UZland (Uzbekistan, portal, includes news in Uzbek and English)
Uzbekistan Virtual Library (vast portal)
Uzbekistan: A Country Study (complete book)
Missionary Service News Agency (Vatican, MISNA, news agency, English version)


Vietnam Headlines Today (current news from various sources)
Saigon Bao (Vietnamese news sources, bilingual)
Saigon Media (modest Vietnamese American portal)
Vietnam Democracy (Vietnam, monthly opposition newsletter)
Nhan Dan (CPV newspaper, bilingual, valuable site)
Vietnam News Agency (Vietnam, state news agency)
Voice of Vietnam (Vietnam government radio)
Communist Party of Vietnam (vast and indispensable official site)
Vietnam Embassy in USA (very extensive site, includes valuable large government, economy and culture modules)
Vietnet Business Online (Vietnamese-American business directory)
Vietnam Human Rights Links (links to major human rights monitors)
Montagnard Foundation (minorities human rights site)
Vietnam Law Library (online Vietnam law resources)
Vietnam Veterans Restoration Project (provides veterans an opportunity to return to Vietnam for humanitarian service)
Vietnam Boatpeople Connection (explains and shares experiences of boat people)
United Nations Development Program Vietnam(UNDP acttivites in Vietnam, bilingual)
Vietnamese Culture (useful introductory culture site)
Arts of Vietnam (photo gallery, large images)
Study Vietnamese (language learning site)
Vietnam Tourism (extensive official tourism site)
Saigon Today (travel site, includes maps)
Destination Vietnam Magazine (travel stories, also includes links to other countries)
Vietnam War Internet Project (all the Vietnam wars, searchable)
Vietnam: Yesterday and Today (sandra Wittman's Vietnam war portal)
Vietnamese Studies (scholarly portal on Vietnam and Vietnamese diaspora)
Vietnam War Military Reading List (oriented toward American experience)
Vietnam, Laos et Cambodge (Indochina research portal, in French)
Indochina Center (excellent focused regional portal created by Steve Denney for UC Berkeley)
Google's Vietnam Web Directory (Vietnam Web directory)
Open Directory's Vietnam Web Links (Vietnam Web directory)
WebGuide Vietnam (Vietnam Web directory)
NamViet (Vietnam Web directory)

Western Sahara to Yugoslavia

Western Sahara Weekly News (Western Sahara, e-news)
Yemen Network (portal, includes media links)
Yemen Times (Yemen, weekly newspaper)
American Institute for Yemeni Studies (academic site)
Beograd (Yugoslavia)
Serbia Info (official Serbian government news site)
Free Serbia (other voices from Serbia, English version)