John A. MacDougall

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Phone: (301) 552-3251

Address: John MacDougall, 7538 Newberry Lane, Lanham, Maryland 20706, USA


Ph.D., Harvard University, 1968 and M.A., Harvard University, 1964, Social Relations (sociology, cultural anthropology, social psychology, clinical psychology). University Fellowship, Ford Foundation Travelling Fellow in Southeast Asia.

B.A., Knox College (Illinois), 1961, magna cum laude (major in Philosophy and Religion, minor in Psychology). Merritt Moore Essay Prize in Philosophy, College Honors in Psychology. Class rank: 3rd of 143. Phi Beta Kappa.

Syracuse University, School of Journalism, 1957. University Scholarship.

Union High School (New Jersey). Class rank: 2nd of 393.


Editor and Publisher, Indonesia Publications, 1984-2004 and still ongoing. Research focus: Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Islamic countries, American ethnic minorities, foreign policy, terrorism. Main print periodicals: Indonesia Reports (current news, including translations into English), Indonesia News Service(same), Intel (analysis). Selected public service activities during this period: (1) editor of Antara Kita for Indonesian Studies Committee of Association for Asian Studies, Nos. 33-44, May 1993-December 1995, (2) creator and moderator of regional newsgroup on Indonesia, Institute for Global Communications, 1990-1999, (3) creator and moderator of bilingual Indonesian and English 'apakabar project,' October 1990 till February 2002 (10 moderated and archived lists with 250,000 readers from 96 countries, now a free database containing 175,000 documents), go to for access, (4) creator of Research and Learning Site on Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the Islamic World March 2002 and still ongoing (online university together with three extensive panels of research links at, (5) creator and moderator of bilingual indonesian-studies list at June 2003 and still ongoing

Foreign Affairs Analyst, Communication Research Specialist, and Southeast Asia Specialist, Office of Policy and Research, U.S. International Communication Agency, 1977-1984. Research focus: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, France, Israel.

Chairman, Department of Sociology, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1974-1977. Research focus: American minority groups, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore. Teaching: American Minority Groups, North American Indians, Southeast Asian Societies, Cultural Anthropology.

Assistant Professor, Marywood College (Scranton, PA), 1973-1974. Research focus: American society. Teaching: Political Sociology, Social Psychology, Introductory Sociology, Criminology, Medical Sociology.

Visiting Assistant Professor in Sociology and Southeast Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1971-1972. Research focus: Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Singapore. Teaching: Sociology of Southeast Asia, Country Seminar: Singapore and Malaysia.

Lecturer in Sociology, University of Singapore, 1968-1971. Research focus: Malaysia, Singapore. Teaching: Social Psychology, Language and Culture, Political Sociology, Applied Sociology, Survey Research, Statistics. Supervision: undergraduate research theses, Singapore Central City Area Survey, Singapore National Identity Survey. Award: Memorial Cup for teaching excellence.

Survey Research Analyst, U.S. Information Agency, 1966-1967. Research focus: South Vietnam, Japan, Philippines.

Teaching Assistant, Harvard University, 1961-1965. Research focus: American minority groups. Teaching: American Race Relations, Public Opinion and Propaganda, Introductory Social Relations.

Experimental Social Psychologist, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963-1965. Research focus: American labor relations.

Strategic Analyst, Strategic Studies Department, Raytheon Corporation, 1962-1963. Research focus: Soviet Union, Indonesia.

Content Analyst, Disarmament Office, Itek Corporation, 1961-1962. Research focus: Soviet Union.

Selected Publications

"Pram on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 88, October-December, 2006,

"Justice on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 87, July-September, 2006,

"Labour on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 86, April-June, 2006,

"Friends on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 85, January-March, 2006,

"Foundations on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 84, October-December, 2005,

"Personal Blogs on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 83, July-September, 2005,

"Sulawesi on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 82, April-June, 2005,

"Aceh on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 81, January-March, 2005,

"Environment on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 80, October-December 2004,

"Islam on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 79, July-September 2004.

"Ethnicity on the Net, "Inside Indonesia, No. 78, April-June 2004,

"Web-based Materials on Religion in Indonesia," May 2004,

Briefing Books on Indonesia. Series of 10 anthologies, originally published 1990, revised annually, last revision 2000. Titles: The Indonesian Military Elite. Law and Political Liberty in Indonesia, The Petition of 50 Group and the Tanjung Priok Incident, Political Islam in Indonesia, Irian Jaya, East Timor, Aceh, Indonesia's Economy, Recent Dissertations on Indonesia, Transmigration, Environment and Indigenous Peoples.

"Indonesia on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 54, April-June, 1998,

"Indonesia on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 53, January-March, 1998,

"Indonesia on the Net," Inside Indonesia, No. 52, October-December 1997,

"The Golkar Congress -- Suharto Gets His Way," Inside Indonesia, No. 17, December 1993.

"The Issue Is Not Religion, But Nationalism," Inside Indonesia, No. 13, December 1991.

"Review of 'Indonesia's Secret War: The Guerrilla Struggle in Irian Jaya,' by Robin Osborne, Indonesia, No. 43, 1987, pp. 101-104,

"Military Penetration of the Indonesian Government: The Higher Central Bureaucracy," Indonesia Reports, No. 14, March 1986,

"Patterns of Military Control in the Indonesian Higher Central Bureaucracy," Indonesia, No. 33, April 1982,

"New Directions in the Study of Malaysian Politics," Berita, Vol. 7, No. 3, 1981.

Foreign Radio Listening in Urban Indonesia. U.S. International Communication Agency, R-20-80, October 1980. Unclassified.

Mass Media Usage in Urban Indonesia. U.S. International Communication Agency, R-20-80, October 1980. Unclassified.

Singaporean Views on the World Energy Problem. N-20-80, June 1980. Unclassified.

"Singapore: As the World Turns," Asian Thought and Society, Vol. 4, No. 11, September 1979.

Radicalization of Christian Opposition Opinion in the Philippines, U.S. International Communication Agency, M-16-79, June 1979. Unclassified.

Filipino Radio Activity. U.S. International Communication Agency, M-3-79, April 1979. Unclassified.

Perceptions of ASEAN Investment Climates. U.S. International Communication Agency, M-7-79, April 1979. Unclassified.

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Contemporary Southeast Asia: A Working Bibliography on Selected Themes. U.S. International Communication Agency, June 1978. Unclassified.

Impressions of President Carter's Visit to India by University-Educated Indians. U.S. International Communication Agency, April 1978. Unclassified.

Forever Plural: The Perception and Practice of Inter-Communal Marriage in Singapore. Ohio University Center for International Studies, 1977. Co-author: Chew Sock Foon. Order from or other online booksellers. Very few copies left.

"English Language Competence and Occupational Mobility in Singapore," Pacific Affairs, Vol. 49, No. 2, Summer 1976. Co-author: Chew Sock Foon.

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"An Exploratory Study of Aspirations for Self, Community, and Country among University of Singapore Students," Southeast Asia Journal of Sociology, Vol. 2, May 1969. Co-authors: Kwok Lai Cheng and Lim Pek Hong.

Shared Burdens: Communal Discrimination by the Political Parties of Malaysia and Singapore. Ph.D. dissertation, Harvard University, 1968. May be ordered online from UMI Dissertation Express. Order number: 6813449. Search form at

"Inter-Organizational Conflict: A Labor-Management Bargaining Experiment," Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 11, No. 4, December 1967. Co-author: William Evan.

The Changing Attitudes toward Americans in South Vietnam. R-24-67, U.S. Information Agency, 1967. Now declassified.

University Students in Saigon: Political Views and Personal Aspirations. R-124-67, U.S. Information Agency, 1966. Now declassified.

Use of the Mass Media by University Students in Saigon. U.S. Information Agency, R-128-66, 1966. Now declassified.

The Baruch Plan. Raytheon Corporation, 1963. Unclassified.

Sources of Evidence for Prediction of Soviet Union Responses to Graduated Reciprocation in Tension Reduction Plan. Raytheon Corporation, 1963. Unclassified.

Anticipation of the Response of the Soviet Union to Civic Action Projects by the Native Military in Underdeveloped Areas. Raytheon Corporation, 1963. Unclassified.

Anticipation of the Response of the Soviet Union to Gradual and Largely Unplanned Phasing Out of U.S. Fixed Overseas Bases. Raytheon Corporation, 1963. Unclassified.


Numerous brief articles and commentaries by and about me, book reviews, paper presentations and panel discussions, translations, public talks, paid consultations, pro bono consultations, professional association and honorary society memberships, editorial board memberships, miscellaneous grants received and grant review panel memberships deliberately omitted in the interest of brevity.