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Periodicals to Recommend for Your Library

AI - Viet Nam: The Death Penalty - Inhumane and Ineffective
International Rescue Committee - Traditional Justice and Gender-Based Violence in Timor Leste
RDTL - Internal Security Law
Li Qi, Bill Taylor, and Stephen Frost - Labour Relations and Regulation in Vietnam: Theory and Practice
William Case - Malaysia: New Reforms, Old Continuities, Tense Ambiguities
Raymond Chun - Who Wants to Be Diasporic?
Vivienne Wee and Amy Sim - Transnational Labour Networks in Female Labour Migration: Mediating between Southeast Asian Women Workers and International Labour Markets
James McGuire - Democracy, Social Policy, and Mortality Decline in Thailand
ACNielsen - Asia Consumer Confidence Survey May 2003
Jame W. McNally - The Impact of Rapid Migration on Environmental Stability: Coastal Resource Management in Palawan Province, Philippines
Stephen J. Appold - Graduates in Distress: The Singaporean Middle Class in the Knowledge-based Economy
Aamir Rafique Hashmi and Hui Weng Tat - Population and Labour Force Projections for Singapore, 1999-2049
Terasa Sobieszczyk - Risky Business: The Debt International Labour Migration of Northern Thai Women
James A. Tyner - Scale of Sexuality and the Migration of Filipina Overseas Performing Artists
John Knodel, Wassana Im-em and Chanpen Saengtienchai - Economic Consequences for Parents of Losing An Adult child to AIDS: Evidence from Thailand
Tey Nai Peng - Social, Economic and Ethnic Fertility Differentials in Malaysia
Le Ngoc Hung - The Pattern of Fertility Decline and Family Changes in Vietnam's Emerging Market Economy
Gouranga L. Dasvarma, Terence H. Hull and Poch Sovanndy - Fertility Trends in Cambodia
Noriko O. Tsuya and Napaporn Chayovan - Economic Crisis and Marriage and Fertility Intentions in Thailand
P Lim Pui Huen - Continuity and Connectedness: The Ngee Heng Kongsi of Johor, 1844-1916
Bruce Matthews - Ethnic and Religious Diversity: Myanmar's Unfolding Nemesis
Vu Quoc Ngu - The State-Owned Enterprise Reform in Vietnam: Process and Achievements
Lee Hock Guan - Political Parties and the Politics of Citizenship and Ethnicity in Peninsular Malay(si)a
Lee Hock Guan - Ethnic Relations in Peninsular Malaysia: The Cultural and Economic Dimensions
JSMP -Court of Appeal Decision on the Applicable Subsidiary Law in Timor-Leste
ICFTU - Growing Up Under the Burmese Dictatorship
AI - Myanmar: Justice on Trial
Daljit Singh - Southeast Asia Response to the Threat of Terrorism
Curt Gabrielson - Monthly Newsletters from East Timor
Anne Kathrine Larsen - Impact of the Islamic Resurgence on the Belief System of Rural Malays
East Timor Court of Appeal - Decision
Asia Foundation - Democracy in Cambodia 2003: A Survey of the Cambodian Electorate
HRW - Coercion, Threats, and Vote-Buying in Cambodia's National Elections
Maria José Albarran de Carvalho - East Timor and Portugal: Present Challenges, Reciprocal Visions
AI - Timor-Leste: A New Police Service, A New Beginning
AI - Cambodia: A Human Rights Review Based on the Convention against Torture
AI - Vietnam: Two Official Directives Relating to Anti-Government Activities
Paige Johnson Tan - East Timor: Political Society, Parties, and Democracy
Farish Noor - The Caliphate: Coming Soon to a Country Near You?
Barry Desker - Islam and Society in Southeast Asia After September 11
Mely C. Anthony - Regionalisation of Peace in Asia: Experiences and Prospects of ASEAN, ARF and UN Partnership
Amitav Acharya - Seeking Security In The Dragon's Shadow: China and Southeast Asia In The Emerging Asian Order
Joseph Liow - Deconstructing Political Islam In Malaysia: UMNO’S Response To PAS’ Religio-Political Dialectic
Eugene Tan - Singapore: The Politics of Gut Feelings
Andrew Phang - The Singapore Legal System - History, Theory and Practice
Eugene Tan - Law and Values in Governance: The Singapore Way
Nancy Lutz - Constitutionalism as Public Culture in East Timor
Nancy Lutz - Colonization, Decolonization and Integration: Language Policies in East Timor
Mark Poffenberger, Editor - Communities and Forest Management in Southeast Asia
Joseph Nevins - The Making of 'Ground Zero' in East Timor in 1999
Elisabeth Staksrud - Singapore: How to Censor the Internet
HRW - The Run-Up to Cambodia's 2003 National Assembly Election
ILO/IPEC - The East Asian Crisis and Child Labour in the Philippines
T. Matthew Ciolek - Targets of Electronic Attention in Asia
Steve Cisler - Letter from Southeast Asia
Viola Krebs - The Impact of the Internet on Myanmar
Noppadol Prammanee - A Critical Analysis of the Adoption and Utilization of the Internet in Thailand for Educational Purposes
AI - Asia and the Pacific: International Report 2003
U.S. Committee for Refugees - Report on Refugees in East Asia and the Pacific 2003
Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao - Independence Day Address to the Nation of Timor-Leste
Kevin Hewison - Class and Capitalism in Contemporary Thailand
Peter Davis - Letter from Vietnam
AI - Concerns Regarding the Proposed "Khmer Rouge" Tribunal
Committee to Protect Journalists - Asia Overview: Attacks on the Press
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom - Report on Vietnam 2003
ICG - Myanmar Backgrounder: Ethnic Minority Politics
US Department of State - Patterns of Global Terrorism 2002: East Asia Overview
Human Rights Watch - Serious Flaws: Why the U.N. General Assembly Should Require Changes to the Draft Khmer Rouge Tribunal Agreement
Human Rights Watch - Vietnam: New Documents Reveal Escalating Repression
Amnesty International - Vietnam: Espionage Case Against the Nephews and Niece of Father Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly
Amnesty International - Philippines: Apprehension and Detention of Child Suspects and Defenders
Michael Kelly Connors - The Reforming State: Security, Development and Culture in Democratic Times
Michael Jacobsen - Reconceptualising the Ethnic Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia
Raymond Chan, Moha Asri Abdullah and Zikri Muhammad - Labour Relations and Regulations in Malaysia
Kevin Hewison - Thai Workers in Hong Kong: Survey Results
Martin Painter - Marketisation, Integration and State Restructuring in Vietnam
Kevin Hewison - Pathways to Recovery: Bankers, Business and Nationalism in Thailand
Kanishka Jayasuriya - Southeast Asia's Embedded Mercantilism in Crisis
Kevin Hewison - Nationalism, Populism, Dependency: Old Ideas for a New Southeast Asia?
Zang Xiaowei - Resource Dependency, Chinese Capitalism, and Intercorporate Ties in Singapore
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Vietnam
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Laos
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Cambodia
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Thailand
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Burma
A. Lin Meumann - Philippines: Elusive Justice
The Economist - Malaysia: The Changing of the Guard
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Philippines
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Malaysia
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Singapore
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: East Timor
US Commission on International Religious Freedom - Report on Laos
Jürgen Rüland - The Contribution of Track Two Dialogue towards Crisis Prevention
Reiner Heufers - The Politics of Democracy in Malaysia
Asian Studies Association of Australia - Maximizing Australia's Asia Knowledge
Michael Gilsenan - The Arab Diaspora in Southeast Asia
Susan Windybank and Mike Manning - Papua New Guinea on the Brink
Marco Garrido - The Evolution of Philippine Muslim Insurgency
John Doling and Roziah Omar - The Welfare State System in Malaysia
James Goodno - Philippine Folly
Australian Ministry of Defence - Australian National Security
National Democratic Institute - East Timor: Government Within Reach
Francisco Tolin - The Role of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Addressing Terrorism
European Commission - Conflict Prevention and Peace Consolidation in the South Pacific
Amnesty International - Philippines: Torture within the Criminal Justice System
Dana Dillon - The Shape of Anti-Terrorist Coalitions in Southeast Asia
Transparency International - Corruption in Southeast Asia
James Borton - Mekong Sunset
AusAID - Vietnam Poverty Analysis
The Economist - Thailand: A New Order
US Department of State - Religious Freedom in Brunei
US Department of State - Religious Freedom in the Philippines
Joao Saldanha and Michael Salla - East Timor Facing the Future
Human Rights Watch - Annual Report on Vietnam
Human Rights Watch - Annual Report on Cambodia
Human Rights Watch - Annual Report on Burma
Ministry of Home Affairs, Republic of Singapore - The Jemaah Islamiyah Arrests and the Threat of Terrorism
Amnesty International - Thailand: Widespread Abuses in the Administration of Justice
Amnesty International - Myanmar: Lack of Security in Counter-Insurgency Areas
Angel Rabasa and Peter Chalk - Indonesia's Transformation and the Stability of Southeast Asia
Carlyle Thayer - The Economic and Commercial Roles of the Vietnam People's Army
Human Rights Watch - Justice Denied for East Timor
Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker - Thaksin Shinawatra and Thailand's Democracy
Richard Robison, Garry Rodan and Thomas Hewison - Transplanting the Regulatory State in Southeast Asia
Thomas McKenna - Saints, Scholars and the Idealised Past in Philippine Muslim Separatism
Amnesty International - No Sanctuary: Plight of the Montagnard Minority
Human Rights Watch - Crackdown on Burmese Muslims
Human Rights Watch - Child Soldiers in Burma
Rohan Gunaratna - Al-Qaeda in the Asia-Pacific
Kumar Ramakrishna - Trumping Al Qaeda in Southeast Asia
Charles Frake - Contested Identities among Philippine Muslims
Pitima Boonyarak - Northern NGOs and Southern NGOs

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