Introduction to the Online University

The Online University is a growing, ever-changing, progressive virtual place dedicated to independent learning and research. It simulates a brick-and-mortar university by using the full resources of the Internet. There is a lot here. Explore the entire site. Then you will be better positioned to follow any of the current courses or pursue your own research projects and learning goals. A user's guide to the entire has been prepared by Elizabeth Coville and may be read by clicking here.

Currently, you will find selected readings for five free entirely online courses: INDONESIA, SOUTHEAST ASIA, ISLAMIC WORLD, CURRENT CONTROVERSIES and AMERICAN SOCIETY. Courses all have a contemporary orientation. Readings for each course are added frequently. Each course has its own page on the site. The newest selections are always on top of the reading lists.

Three permanent, extensive panels of research links relevant to current courses may also be accessed as you pursue daily studies. The newest links appear at the top of each panel. New links are also added frequently.

Do drop in daily so that you don't miss anything, especially if you visit the carefully crafted current news page.

The Online University is supported by sale of Indonesia Publications print periodicals. Our main serials on Indonesia are Indonesia News Service (for individuals) and Indonesia Reports - Log (for institutions). Paid email lists and consulting are also available. Subscriptions to such resources may also help you considerably in your courses. Click here for all essential information. Thank you.

During your visits here, you may want to hit 'refresh' or 'reload' on your Web browser to ensure you are seeing the latest version of site pages as distinct from older versions stored in your browser's cache.

Some pages and links on the site may not work with all Web browsers or may require one-time downloading of some free software. You can get the relevant program by clicking on its name: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Media Player, Real One Player, Winamp, QuickTime, Windows Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape.

There are also some convenient browser add-ons helpful in research: Google Toolbar, Alexa Toolbar, Yahoo! Companion Toolbar, Teoma Search Bar, Ask Jeeves Toolbar.

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