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ISLAMIC WORLD Self-Study Guide
Periodicals to Recommend for Your Library

AI - Israel and the Occupied Territories: The Impact of Movement Restrictions on the Right to Work
HRW - Ravaging the Vulnerable: Abuses Against Persons at High Risk of HIV Infection in Bangladesh
ICG - Iraq’s Shiites Under Occupation
ICG - Two to Tango: An Agenda for the New Kosovo SRSG
Mark Lynch - Taking Arabs Seriously
Peter Davis - Ignited Iraq
<Azzam Tamimi - Democracy: The Religious and the Political in Contemporary Islamic Debate
AI - Afghanistan: Re-establishing the Rule of Law
HRW - Ravaging the Vulnerable: Abuses Against Persons at High Risk of HIV Infection in Bangladesh
ICG - Governing Iraq
ICG - Afghanistan: The Problem of Pashtun Alienation
Heather Gregg - Assessing the Religious Dimensions of the International Terrorist Threat to the US
ICG - Afghanistan: The Problem of Pashtun Alienation
Jane Mayer - The Search for Osama
AI - Maldives: Repression of Peaceful Political Opposition
AI - Sudan: Empty Promises?
ICG - Hizbollah: Rebel Without A Cause?
ICG - Somaliland: Democratisation and Its Discontents
House and Senate Select Committes on Intelligence - Joint Inquiry into the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001
HRW - “Killing You is a Very Easy Thing For Us”: Human Rights Abuses in Southeast Afghanistan
HRW - The “Miss World Riots”: Continued Impunity for Killings in Kaduna
Steven Stalinksy - Arab and Muslim Jihad Fighters in Iraq
Hussein Agha and Robert Malley - Three Men in a Boat
Max Rodenbeck - The Occupation
Seymour Hersh - The Syrian Bet
ICG - The Israeli-Palestinian Roadmap: What a Settlement Freeze Means and Why it Matters
ICG - Bosnia's Nationalist Governments
HRW - Sexual Violence and Abduction of Women and Girls in Baghdad
ICG - Central Asia: Islam and the State
ICG - Sudan Endgame
AI - Iraq: The Need for Security
AI - Israel Must End Its Policy of Assassinations
AI - Afghanistan: Crumbling Prison System Desperately in Need of Repair
AI - Supporting and Strengthening the Work of Somali Human Rights Defenders
AI - Afghanistan: The Fate of the Afghan Returnees
AI - Iraq: On Whose Behalf?
AI - Tunisia: The Cycle of Injustice
HRW - Compounding Injustice: The Government's Failure to Redress Massacres in Gujarat
HRW - Fanning the Flames: How Human Rights Abuses are Fueling the AIDS Epidemic in Kazakhstan
HRW - Violent Response: The U.S. Army in al-Falluja
Romesh Ratnesar with Simon Robinson - Life Under Fire
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Foreign Policy - From Victory to Success: Afterwar Policy in Iraq
ICG - Radical Islam in Central Asia: Responding to Hizb ut-Tahrir
Elizabeth Rosenberg, Adam Horowitz and Anthony Alessandrini - Iraq Reconstruction Tracker
Yahia H. Zoubir and Karima Benabdallah-Gambier - Western Saharan Deadlock
Yitzhak Nakash - The Shi'ites and the Future of Iraq
ICG - Sudan’s Other Wars
Via IWPR - A Provisional Needs Assessment for the Iraqi Media
Erica Sapper Simpson - Islam in Uzbekistan
ICG - Thessaloniki and After (III) The EU and Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo
ICG - Thessaloniki and After (II) The EU and Bosnia
ICG - Thessaloniki and After (I) The EU’s Balkan Agenda
Clifford Geertz - Which Way to Mecca? Part II
Max Rodenbeck - Bohemia in Baghdad
Edward R. F. Sheehan - The Map and the Fence
Daniel Klaidman, Mark Hosenball, Michael Isikoff and Evan Thomas - Al Qaeda in America: The Enemy Within
Martin van Bruinessen - Turkey, Europe and the Kurds after the Capture of Abdullah Ocalan
Martin van Bruinessen - Kurds, States, and Tribes
Martin van Bruinessen - The Kurds and Islam
Martin van Bruinessen - Making and Unmaking Muslim Religious Authority in Western Europe
Martin van Bruinessen - The Production of Islamic Knowledge in Western Europe
National Geographic Society - Cultural Assessment of Iraq
ICG - Afghanistan’s Flawed Constitutional Process
ICG - Baghdad: A Race Against the Clock
Richard Rogers - "Internet & Society" in Armenia and Azerbaijan? Web Games and a Chronicle of an Infowar
Ayisigi B. Sevdik and Varol Akman - Internet in the Lives of Turkish Women
Kemal Altintas, Tolga Aydin, and Varol Akman - Censoring the Internet: The Situation in Turkey
ICG - Algeria: Unrest and Impasse in Kabylia
Pew Research Center - Views of a Changing World 2003
AI - Middle East and North Africa: International Report 2003
AI - Europe and Central Asia: International Report 2003
ICG - Bosnia's Brcko: Getting In, Getting On and Getting Out
ICG - Kosovo’s Ethnic Dilemma: The Need for a Civic Contract
HRW - The Mass Graves of al-Mahawil: The Truth Uncovered
HRW - Basra: Crime and Insecurity Under British Occupation
Michael Elliott - US-Iraq: Occupational Hazards
Brian Bennett and Michael Weisskopf - The Sum of Two Evils
AI - Serbia and Montenegro: "Prisoners in Our Own Homes"
AI - Lebanon: Torture and Unfair Trial of the Dhinniyyah Detainees
AI - Bangladesh: Urgent Need for Legal and Other Reforms to Protect Human Rights
Khaled Abou El Fadl - Islam and the Challenge of Democracy
Clifford Geertz - Which Way to Mecca?
Sheila Carapico - How Yemen's Ruling Party Secured an Electoral Landslide
Asef Bayat - The 'Street' and the Politics of Dissent in the Arab World
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom - Report on Saudi Arabia 2003
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom - Report on Afghanistan 2003
James Fallows - Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura?
Human Rights Watch - The "Roadmap": Repeating Oslo's Human Rights Mistakes
Joshua Hammer - Murder at the Mosque
Tim Judah - 'Welcome to al-Sadr City!'
Michael Massing - The Unseen War
ICG - A Middle East Roadmap To Where?
Terry McCarthy - What Ever Happened to the Republican Guard?
Jon Lee Anderson - Saddam's Ear
US Department of State - Patterns of Global Terrorism 2002: Europe Overview
US Department of State - Patterns of Global Terrorism 2002: Middle East Overview
US Department of State - Patterns of Global Terrorism 2002: Eurasia Overview
US Department of State - Patterns of Global Terrorism 2002: South Asia Overview
International Crisis Group - Central Asia: Last Chance for Change
Tim Judah - The Fall of Baghdad
International Crisis Group - Tajikistan: A Roadmap for Development
Kevin Whitelaw - Saddam's World
Jay Tolson - Beyond Babylon
Melinda Liu, Rod Nordland and Evan Thomas - The Saddam Files
Sumit Ganguly - Update Pakistan: The Slide Continues
Sumit Ganguly - Pakistan's Slide Into Misery
Judy Barsalou - Lethal Ethnic Riots: Lessons from India and Beyond
Daniel Serwer and Sloan Mann - Kosovo Decision Time
Branka Peuraca - Faith-Based NGOs: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nathan J. Brown - The Palestinian Reform Agenda
Robert Perito - Establishing the Rule of Law in Iraq
Amnesty International - Iraq: Responsibilities of the Occupying Powers
Amnesty International - Iraq: Ensuring Justice for Human Rights Abuses
Amnesty International - Iraq: Looting, Lawlessness and Humanitarian Consequences
Amnesty International - Iraq: Civilians Under Fire
International Crisis Group - A Marriage of Inconvenience: Montenegro 2003
Jon Lee Anderson - Baghdad: The Collapse
Hampton Sides - A CENTCOM Star
Jon Lee Anderson - Baghdad: War Wounds
Jeffrey Goldberg - Northern Iraq: Wartime Friendships
Tim Judah - Death in Baghdad
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Saudi Arabia
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Iraq
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Iran
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Syria
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Turkey
International Crisis Group - Islamic Social Welfare Activism In The Occupied Palestinian Territories: A Legitimate Target?
United Nations Development Programme - Arab Human Development Report 2002
Isabel Hilton - Letter from Jordan: Little Iraq
Jeffrey Goldberg - Letter from Northern Iraq: Waiting at the Front
Jon Lee Anderson - Letter from Baghdad: Ill Winds
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Bangladesh
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: Pakistan
US Department of State - Human Rights Practices: India
International Crisis Group - War in Iraq: Managing Humanitarian Relief
Stefan Theil and Christopher Dickey - Saddam's Bunkers
Melinda Liu - The Mind of the Iraqis
Amnesty International - Iraq: Respecting International Humanitarian Law
International Crisis Group - War In Iraq: Political Challenges After The Conflict
John Lee Anderson - The Bombing of Baghdad
Robert Dreyfuss - Just the Beginning
Tim Judah - On the Front Lines
PIPA - The Potential for a Nonviolent Intifada II
Jeremy Scahill - Inside Baghdad
Council on Foreign Relations - Iraq: The Day After
CFR and Baker Institute - Guiding Principles for U.S. Post-Conflict Policy in Iraq
International Crisis Group - Pakistan: The Mullahs and the Military
International Crisis Group - War In Iraq: What's Next For The Kurds?
Stanley Reed et al - How the Arab World Is Already Changing
Robert Kaplan - Yemen and Eritrea: A Tale of Two Colonies
Human Rights Watch - Iraq: Expulsions of Kirkuk Region Minorities Continue
Amnesty International - Afghanistan: Police Reconstruction Essential
International Crisis Group - Afghanistan: Women and Reconstruction
John Lee Anderson - Letter from Baghdad: Invasions
Evan Thomas and John Barry - Saddam's War
Tim Judah - Jordan: Waiting for the War
International Crisis Group - Albania: State of the Nation 2003
Uday Singh Mehta - Kashmir: Nationalism's Mired Hopes
Helena Cobban - Waiting for War in Damascus
International Crisis Group - Negotiating a Blueprint for Peace in Somalia
Human Rights Watch - Egyptian Police Abuse of Children
International Crisis Group - Iraq Policy Briefing: Is There An Alternative to War?
International Crisis Group - Red Alert in Jordan: Recurrent Unrest in Maan
International Crisis Group - Uzbekistan's Reform Program: Illusion or Reality?
Chitra Ragavan - Tracing Terror's Roots
International Crisis Group - Sudan's Oilfields Burn Again
International Crisis Group - Radical Islam in Iraqi Kurdistan: The Mouse That Roared?
Isa Blumi - Kosova's Tortuous Path to Its Post-War Future
Human Rights Watch - Nigeria at the Crossroads
Human Rights Watch - Eritrea and Ethiopia: Mass Expulsions and the Nationality Issue
Human Rights Watch - Into Harm's Way: Forced Return of Displaced People to Chechnya
Marina Ottaway, Thomas Carothers, Amy Hawthorne, and Daniel Brumberg - Democratic Mirage in the Middle Easr
Mustapha Kamel Al-Sayyid - The Other Face of the Islamist Movement
Joseph Cirincione, Jessica Matthews, and George Perkovich - Iraq: What Next?
Daniel L. Byman and John R. Wise - The Persian Gulf in the Coming Decade
F. Stephen Larrabee and Stephen O. Lesser - Turkish Foreign Policy in An Age of Uncertainty
International Crisis Group - Pakistan: Madrasas, Extremism and the Military
International Crisis Group - Pakistan: Transition to Democracy?
International Crisis Group - Kashmir: The View from Srinagar
International Crisis Group - Afghanistan: Judicial Reform and Transitional Justice
Le Monde Diplomatique - Middle East: The Faultline
Amnesty International - Macedonia: Police Ill-Treatment of Ethnic Minorities
Amnesty International - India: Break the Cycle of Impunity and Torture in Punjab
Human Rights Watch - Violations of Academic Freedom in Ethiopia
Gunther Dietz - Sub-National Identity Politics in Andalusia
E. Anne Beal - Palestinian Migrants in Amman
Laurie Brand - Tunisian and Moroccan Emigration-Related Institutions
Gil Loescher - War in Iraq: An Impending Refugee Crisis
Faleh A. Jabar - Iraq: The Military Response
Anatol Lieven - Pakistan: Preserver and Destroyer
David Isenberg - Getting Saddam
Pepe Escobar - Osama at Large
The Economist - The Gulf: Time Travellers
The Economist - Iran: God's Rule, or Man's?
International Crisis Group - Cracks in the Marble: Turkmenistan's Failing Dictatorship
Randolph Kent - Somalia: The Cyclops and the Axis of Evil
Human Rights Watch - Annual Report on Egypt
Human Rights Watch - Annual Report on Tunisia
Human Rights Watch - Annual Report on Algeria
Human Rights Watch - Bosnia and Herzegovina: Hopes Betrayed
International Crisis Group - Yemen: Coping with Terrorism and Violence in a Fragile State
Susan Glasser - Unexpected Test for Azerbaijan
Paul Williams, Rebecca Grazier and James Hooper - Simulating Kosovo: Lessons for Final Status Negotiations
Brenda Pearson - Can Macedonia's New Government Meet the Challenge?
Human Rights Watch - Erased in a Moment: Suicide Bombings against Israeli Civilians
Amnesty International - Without Distinction: Attacks on Civilians by Palestinian Armed Groups
Mira Kamdar - The Struggle for India's Soul
Avishai Margalit - The Suicide Bombers
Phebe Marr - Iraq The Day After
Rand Corporation - Terrorism and Asymmetric Conflict in Southwest Asia
Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research - Palestinian Public Attitudes - Poll No. 6
Middle East Research and Information Project - Primer on the Uprising in Palestine
Ayesha Siddiqa-Agha - Power, Perks, Prestige and Activities: The Military's Economic Activities in Pakistan
International Crisis Group - Make or Break Time in Sudan's Peace Process
Human Rights Watch - Justice for Iraq
Human Rights Watch - Repression of Women and Girls in Western Afghanistan
International Crisis Group - Kosovo's Internally Displaced and the Return Process
Husain Haqqani - Islam's Medieval Outposts
International Crisis Group - Central Asia: The Politics of Police Reform
International Crisis Group - Salvaging Somalia's Chance for Peace
International Crisis Group - Voices from the Iraqi Street
Christian Caryl - Death in Moscow: The Aftermath
Charles Kurzman - Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims
Ari Shavit - No Man's Land
William Nordhaus - Iraq: The Economic Consequences of War
David Remnick - Will Turkey Be the Model for Islamic Democracy?
Francesco Cavatorta - Democratisations in North Africa

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