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Periodicals to Recommend for Your Library

GAO - Public Diplomacy: State Department Expands Efforts But Faces Significant Challenges
GAO - US International Broadcasting: Lacks Measurable Program Objectives
HRW - Injecting Reason: Human Rights and HIV Prevention for Injection Drug Users
AI - United States: Undermining International Standards as "War on Terror" Detentions Continue
Pei-te Lien - Behind the Numbers: Talking Politics with Immigrant Chinese Americans
Douglas Pasternak - Lack of Intelligence
Jonathan Alter - The Left's Mr. Right?
Roger Simon - The Doctor Is In – In Your Face!
Karen Tumulty - Is Dean for Real?
AAI and CBN - Poll of Arab American & Jewish American Opinion
Richard Rubin - The Colfax Riot
Alan Berlow - The Texas Clemency Memos
Pew - Religion and Politics: Contention and Consensus
Donald Bartlet and James Steele - Why U.S. Is Running Out of Gas
Lisa Featherstone - Antiwar Students Rock the Vote
Andrew Boyd - The Web Rewires the Movement
Mark LeVine - The Peace Movement Plans for the Future
NIH and Census Bureau - America's Children 2003
Pew Internet Project - Internet Health Resources
Pew Internet Project - Gaming Technology and Entertainment Among College Students
Pew Internet Project - Broadband Adoption at Home
Jack Newfield - American Rebels
John Cloud - Guarding Death's Door
Kenneth Terrell - A Nation of Pirates
Marcia Vickers - The Most Powerful Trader on Wall Street You've Never Heard Of
Annie E. Casey Foundation - Kids Count 2003 Data Book Online
Evan Thomas and Stuart Taylor Jr. - Sandra Day O’Connor: Center Court
Newsweek - The War Over Gay Marriage
Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Hearings on Public Diplomacy and Islam
John Brown - The Anti-Propaganda Tradition in the United States
Elizabeth Kolbert - Tumult in the Newsroom
Melinda Henneberger - John Kerry’s Secret Ingredient
Anatol Lieven - The Empire Strikes Back
Richard Lacayo and Viveca Novak - How Rehnquist Changed America
Supreme Court of the United States - Decision in Gratz et al vs Bollinger et al
Supreme Court of the United States - Decision in Grutter v Bollinger et al
Minnesota Public Radio - Progressive Islam in America (streaming RealAudio, 53 minutes)
Michele Wucker - Civics Lessons From Immigrants
David Bacon - The Wages of Death
John Bowe - A Shameful Harvest
Harold Meyerson - The Indispensable Advocate
Joseph Rosenbloom - Victims in the Heartland
Douglas S. Massey - Closed-Door Policy
Michael Duffy, Mark Thompson and Michael Weisskopf - Secret Armies of the Night
William Greider - Deflation
Michael Hirsh - The Mideast: Neocons on the Line
Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee - Report on Hate Crimes and Discrimination
Beverly Ray and George E. Marsh - Recruitment by Extremist Groups on the Internet
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights - Arab and Muslim Civil Rights Issues in the Chicago Metropolitan Area Post-September 11
Pew Center for Civic Journalism - Creating New Lifelines between Journalists and Academics
Pew Center for Civic Journalism - How To Report First, and Best, What's Happening In Your Community
Pew Center for Civic Journalism - A Study of Race Reporting in Forty-Five U.S. Newsrooms
Pew Center on Global Climate Change - Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From U.S. Transportation
Pew Internet & American Life Project - The Ever-Shifting Internet Population
Pew Internet & American Life Project - The Internet and the Iraq War
Pew Research Center - Conflicted Views of Affirmative Action
AI - Not in the Jury's Name: The Imminent Execution of Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman
Ben Elgin et al - Yahoo! Act Two
Elizabeth Drew - The Neocons in Power
Stanley Hoffman - America Goes Backward
Chitra Ragavan - Mueller's Mandate
Jeffrey Tobin - Advice and Dissent
Daniel Kadlec - Where Did My Raise Go?
Seth Mnookin - The Times Bomb
Daniel Lazare - The New Yorker Goes to War
Michelle Conlin - The New Gender Gap
Robert Blecher - Intellectuals, Democracy and American Empire
Joseph Lelyveld - In Clinton's Court
Seymour Hersh - War and Intelligence
Seymour Hersh - Selective Intelligence
Kaiser Family Foundation - Health Issues Survey March-April 2003
AARP - Beyond 50: Three Reports
Richard Lacayo - The War Comes Back Home
Lisa Takeuchi Cullen - I Want Your Job, Lady!
Peg Tyre and Daniel McGinn - She Works, He Doesn’t
Timothy J. Mullaney et al - The E-Biz Surprise
Thomas Omestad - Power and Peril
William Greider - Rolling Back the 20th Century
Public Agenda - Higher Education Issues and Public Opinion
Lee Rainie, Suzannah Fox and Deborah Fallows - The Internet and the Iraq War
Harold Meyerson - The Most Dangerous President Ever
Drake Bennett and Heidi Pauken - All The President's Lies
Elizabeth Drew - The Enforcer
Adam Shatz - The Native Informant
David Cortright et al - What Do We Do Now: A Peace Agenda
George McGovern - The Reason Why
Stan Crock et al - The Doctrine of Digital War
Michael Mandel et al - How War Will Reshape the Economy
Johanna McGeaery - Three Flawed Assumptions
Seymour Hersh - Offense and Defense
Seymour Hersh - Who Lied to Whom?
Alex Gourevitch - Asylum Interrupted
Edmund S. Morgan and Marie Morgan - A Very Popular Penalty
Court Filings - Grutter and Gratz Admissions Lawsuits
Michael Elliott and James Carney - First Stop, Iraq
PIPA - Americans on North Korea
Public Agenda - Public Opinion: America's Global Role
Public Agenda - Public Opinion: Terrorism
Martin Garbus - A Hostile Takeover
Randall Kennedy - Affirmative Reaction
Stephen J. Schulhofer - At War with Liberty
Jonathan Schell - American Tragedy
Pew Research Center - Different Images, Different Faiths
Anthony Lewis - First They Came for the Muslims
Cass Sunstein - The Right-Wing Assault
Richard Dunham et al - Suddenly He's Vulnerable
Bruce Nussbaum - The High Price of Bad Diplomacy
Jack Beatty - The Road Better Not Taken
Fareed Zakaria - The Arrogant Empire
AARP - Across the States 2002: Profiles of Long-Term Care
Steve Miller - Black to Brown: The Shifting Color of Politics
Norman Mailer - Only in America
Seymour Hersh - Lunch with the Chairman
Neta Crawford - The Best Defense
Simon Schama - The Unloved American: Two Centuries of Alienating Europe
James Fallows - An Interview With Bill Clinton
Romesh Ratnesar - Fresh from the Border
Jack Newfield - How the Other Half Still Lives
Howard Fineman - Bush and God
Elizabeth Kolbert - Indian Point Blank
Ellis Cose - The Black Gender Gap
Jim Kersetter et al - The Linux Uprising
John Could - Why the SUV Is All the Rage
Eric Alterman - What Liberal Media?
Barry Kosmin and Egon Mayer - Profile of the US Muslim Population
Egon Mayer, Barry Kosmin and Areila Keysar - American Religious Identification Survey
Egon Mayer, Barry Kosmin and Areila Keysar - American Jewish Identity Survey
The Atlantic - The Real State of the Union
Johanna McGeary - Why Bush Should Slow Down
Douglas Waller - The CIA's Secret Army
Unmesh Kher - How to Sell XXXL
Mark Thompson and Michael Duffy - Pentagon Warlord
Eric Alterman - USA Oui! Bush Non! How Europeans See America
Human Rights Watch - Uniform Discrimination: The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy of the U.S. Military
Federal Emergency Management Agency - Are You Ready?
Timothy Garton Ash - Anti-Europeanism in America
Anthony Lewis - On the West Wing
Chris Mooney - John Zogby's Creative Polls
Council on American-Islamic Relations - The Mosque in America
Human Rights Watch - Annual Report on the United States
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights - Beyond Percentage Plans: The Challenge of Equal Opportunity in Higher Education
Robert Kagan - Power and Weakness
Raymond Peternoster and Robert Brame et al - Maryland's Death Sentencing System
Human Rights Watch - Hate Crimes: "We Are Not the Enemy"
Glenn Kessler - US Decision on Iraq Has Puzzling Past
US Institute of Peace - US Negotiating Behavior
David Cole - Their Liberties, Our Security
Anatol Lieven - The Push for War
John Horrigan and Lee Rainie - Counting on the Internet
Marianne Lavelle - Rogues of the Year
Salah D. Hassan - Arabs, Race and the Post-September 11 National Security State
Louise Cainkar - No Longer Invisible
Hisham Aidi - Jihadis in the Hood
James Carney - Clues to Understanding Dick Cheney
Nancy Gibbs - Double-Edged Sword: Bush and Cheney
Esther Kaplan - A Hundred Peace Movements Bloom
Jonathan Lethem - My Egyptian Cousin
Jimmy Carter - Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
Anne Hull - Two Jobs and a Sense of Hope
Anne Hull - The Weight of a Family's Hopes
Anne Hull - Dreaming Against the Odds
Anne Hull - Old South Goes with the Wind
Daniel Barlett and James Steele - Playing the Political Slots
Daniel Barlett and James Steele - Look Who's Cashing in at Indian Casinos
Jeffrey Sheler - All in the Family
Dan Goodgame and Karen Tumulty - Tripped Up by History
Pew Hispanic Center - 2002 National Survey of Latinos
Perry Anderson - Force and Consent
Elizabeth Drew - War Games in the Senate
Franklin Foer - Moral Hazard: The Life of a Liberal Muslim
Duane Oldfield - The Christian Right Post September 11

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